Happy Homemaker Monday - 1/8/24

 Hello! Welcome to my first Happy Homemaker Monday post for 2024. I am happy to join Sandra at Diary of A Stay At Home Mom to participate in this series.

How has everyone's Monday morning been so far? Mine is slow as most Mondays, but I will be busy later. I really need to work on my direct sales business and get my inventory done for the year. Taxes will be soon and I need that information. 

The Weather:

The weather is predicted to be a little unsettled this week with periods of rain and snow throughout the week. Daytime highs in the 30's and 40's, which is a bit above average with lows in the upper 20's and lower 30's. Not too bad for this time of the year. I hate the rain as it just makes the farm a muddy, sloppy mess. 

Right Now I Am:

Sitting at my desk listening to the news and writing this post. My daughter just came over for coffee and to chat a bit. 

Thinking and Pondering:

What I will get accomplished this week and where I want to start for chores. I am trying to purge a bit and clean some of the clutter that we have accumulated the past year. I feel that our closet and our bedroom need to be the first places that I purge. 

How I am Feeling:

Tired, but that seems to be a given recently. I tend to overdo daily and that makes me more tired that I would be if I would just slow down a bit. 

On the Breakfast Plate:

Two cups of coffee. I will probably eat a sausage biscuit later so that I can take my meds and be ready for the day. I am not much of a breakfast eater, but with the meds, I need to eat something. Usually a banana is a good choice. 

On the Lunch Plate:

Not really sure what lunch will be. It depends on what I am doing. Probably a turkey sandwich. 

On the Dinner Plate:

I believe we will have turkey manhattan, as long as my husband is feeling better. His Ozempic is making him very nauseous. If he does not feel better, I will probably just have potato soup. 

On The Menu:

I don't have a menu planned for the week. We will just probably plan it daily. My husband usually has a request of something. He says we are in a food rut and eat the same things all the time so he wants different meals. I guess I will search for ideas this week. 

What I am Wearing:

It has been a lazy morning, so I am still in my pajamas. I don't usually get dressed until my husband is out the door and he was not moving fast this morning. It will be jeans and a sweatshirt as I have plenty to do today. 

On My Reading Pile:

Just finished reading Just Once by Karen Kingsbury and I must say it was one of the best books I have ever read. I will be updating Good Reads later and I will be posting that review later as well. I have started reading Frontier Follies by Ree Drummond. I am also reading The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner as part of the Tea and Ink Society 2024 Classics Reading Challenge. For January, the challenge is to read a classic that you have previously read. I chose a lighthearted book that I loved as a child. 

On My TV This Week:

I usually don't watch much, but I have a couple of movies saved on the DVR that I hope to watch this week. 

Looking Around the House:

I see Christmas that needs put away, a floor that is scheduled to be swept and mopped today, and a load of laundry waiting for me. Overall, it is not too bad as I done some major cleaning this weekend. 

To Do List:

Inventory my Pink Zebra


Call nursing home to talk about mom going to assisted living

Pick up prescriptions

Purge closet and bedroom

Farm Chores

From Camera:


                                                           Our Black Egg. I am not sure which chicken laid this, but it is cool to see a black egg in the coop. We are getting black and beautiful blue eggs. It makes a colorful basket of eggs. 

Devotional, Prayers, and Bible Verses:


  1. I love to see the dark egg. Can you eat it?

    Okay, you're going to tidy up a closet and the bedroom, I think that's a good idea. I'll do it too. Tomorrow, then. I wish you a good week. And breakfast is the engine of the day, as we say here in the Netherlands. :-) By having breakfast, you start the engine. Sometimes I also think: forget it. But if I want to go for a walk, I have to have something in my stomach.

    1. Yes, you can eat the egg. I did not get my closet finished but I got a good start on it.

  2. We're getting lots of snow here! I've never seen a black egg before. Always wondered what makes the eggs different colors? City girl here is used to them being mostly white in a carton. Oh, I need to clear out around here as well. Hope you are having a great week so far!

    1. The breed of chicken is what makes the different colored eggs.

  3. What kind of chickens do you have? All our chickens lay are tan eggs...


  4. Snow here today too. A black egg? wow. Have a great rest of the week

  5. I am doing the Tea and Ink Society Classics Challenge as well. I'm reading East of Eden as my re-read. It is being read in another challenge as well, so killing two birds with one stone lol.

    That egg is super cool! I can't wait to have chickens. Hopefully next year!


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