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it was amazing

A Classic! I read this as part of a challenge to read classical books and this month was to reread a classic. As a child and a teen, I loved the Boxcar Children series written by Gertrude Chandler Warner and could not wait to read this book again. I decided to start with the first book in the series and I will read the entire series again this month as long as time allows.

The Boxcar Children is about a group of 4 orphans that are siblings. They feel that they have to make it on their own to stay together. One day while walking in the woods, they discover an abandoned boxcar and decide that they will make it into their home. The children use items that the find at the local dump and in the woods to make items that they need for the home. The oldest brother does odd jobs to feed them and they make do with very little at times, but they are together.

Once a gentleman that Henry is working for discovers that there is a grandfather that could help them, he creates a way for them to meet without telling either one. The children are scared of the grandfather, but truly for no reason. They discover that he is not as unfair and mean as they suspected and go to live with him, but they miss some of the things from the boxcar so at the end of the book, the grandfather brings the boxcar to his home.

I am happy to have finished my first Classic challenge and I am looking forward to reading my second one in February. It is to read a Nordic or Scandanavian classic and I have chosen to read Sunset Song.


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  1. I think I have heard of this series. It sounds great, and speaks to being clever with using what you have and inventiveness?

  2. You haven't posted in awhile.


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