Sunday, January 26, 2020

Home Show and A Few Ideas

Last week my daughter, my long time friend Pam, and I traveled to Indianapolis for the Indy Home Show. I always enjoy going to look at the home that is built inside the building just to see what the new décor and colors are for the upcoming year. Now, I never remodel each year, but I enjoy seeing what is hot so I will know if I want to add in some trendy pillows, curtains, etc.

Most of the show is comprised of home remodeling services, heating and cooling companies, window companies, and others that want you to agree to let them give you an estimate on things that you will need completed on your home, but I go for the fun vendors- food, home décor, etc. Now I did find one booth that had some signs that I could not resist taking photos of, but I will say I did not purchase any.
This one fit me perfectly. I am always telling my husband to tell people to leave his garage when it is closing time. 

My husband used to race dirt track cars and so I knew he would find this one funny!
I tried to tell my daughter that this should be her wedding vows. I absolutely love the saying on here! I wish I would have bought this to go above my bed. 
Pam and I loved this swing with the lights and I am convinced that we need a large patio to add it too. 

We also need one of these hot tubs/spa on our patio where we can enjoy each evening while the sunsets. I took the photo with the diabetes sign to help convince my husband as he suffers from this horrible disease and it lists the benefits to his health as well. 
This bottle of German made wine would certainly need to be on our patio as well. I loved the photo on this bottle and when I tasted the wine, I was blown away. I absolutely loved this wine! I can't remember the name of it, but I just loved it!

Such a pretty bottle and label! 
I want a farmhouse sink in my kitchen and I have talked to my husband about it many times, but I really was not sure that I would like it being one sink because I still wash dishes by hand. 

Luckily, I found this! It is a stainless steel farmhouse sink with a divided sink. Perfect for my farmhouse. I made sure I got information from this vendor. Cabinets and sink remodel might happen this summer. This was one of my main reasons for attending the Indy Home Show to find items like this that I know we are eventually going to need to purchase. 
We have long talked about remodeling our tub/shower unit in the bathroom. I don't want this particular one, but I do want this particular shower wall. I think the wood look to it is amazingly beautiful and I know that it would like nice in my home. 
I should have added this to the pictures of the patio items I found.  The Indy home show certainly has found something for everyone as the styles and items are a vast array of items. This is an outdoors shower and the small rounded building beside it was a sauna. Now, I am not sure I want the sauna, but the benefits of an outdoor shower to a farm family could be wonderful.  Imagine how much dirt and other items could be left outside. HMMM???
I found this to be an interesting contraption as my grandpa would have said. A robotic mower! Now, for those of us that find mowing to be a task, there is help available. I never talked with the salesman, but I wonder how much of my yard this would truly work on as my yard is not really flat, but it did show it climbing hills and stuff. 

Enough of the things I found that I would be interested in and onto the show home. Now, I for one was not fond of much of it at all. Of the years, I have been I found this to be the worst of the homes I have seen. I did not care for the overall layout or the décor. See what you think and feel free to tell me what you like and don't like about the home. 
The flowers outside the home were beautiful! We saw lots of tulips, which happen to be my daughter's favorite flowers. I can't say that I was impressed with the fountain though. I have seen many gardens in homes around our area, but I just am not sure I liked the modern art style fountain. 
This was as we first walked into the home and I loved the table and the horse statue. It looked to be made of cement , but I am sure it was not. The table looked as it though it was a piece of wood laid on the top of the pedestal and I thought it was a nice piece of furniture. The wood floors are nice, but I felt that they were a little on the busy side. I did not care for the lamps or the wall art. 
This was the first bedroom that we walked through. I felt it was rather cold looking. I did not care for any of it. 

This was the bathroom that was off of this bedroom. It was a nice room and I do like the double sink. My friend, Pam is the one in the mirror. For a guest room, I think the small round tray is a nice addition. 
Around the corner was this nice wine area. I think it is a nice addition, but I don't entertain enough to need this much area dedicated to wine. I believe it looked nice and was an interesting concept, but I just don't see that many people would prefer to have this in their home. 
This was the living room. I love the fireplace and the table, but I was not impressed by any of the rest of the décor in this room either. 

Another picture of the living room area. This long sofa table was probably my favorite piece of furniture in the home. It looked antique and country. I took this photo for the wall in the hall. Such an interesting design and color scheme. 
This was the pantry in the kitchen area. I found it to be rather small and I did not care for the glass door. Do you want to have to clean your pantry every day so that it is company ready and the fingerprints that would be here if the family living here had small children is unbelievable to me. I am not sure why I did not get photos of the kitchen other than this, but I will say that I did not care for it either. 

From here, we will be entering the master bedroom suite. Now, as with the other bedroom that I showed you, I felt that it was not the warm and cozy feel of a bedroom, but rather cold and uninviting. Maybe with a different paint color, I would have liked it better. 
 The fireplace in the bedroom was a warm accent to the room, but I was not impressed with the particular look of it. I found the design of the décor to be a modern artsy look with a African feel to it. 
I was impressed with the coffee bar in the bedroom. However, we all are very aware that I would never be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in bed. My feet hit the floor running each day. It would be nice with my dream patio outside the bedroom door where I could go to relax at the end of the day. 

This was a section of the closet. I did enjoy the large closet as my home as very little closet space. 

I found this mirror to be an interesting piece of décor. I did like the design of it, but I don't think it would be an addition I would make to my décor. 

This master bath shower must be to conserve water as it is large enough for a family to all shower together. I just feel as though it is such a waste of space. 
This ladder look towel rack was another interesting piece that I would enjoy in my home. However, I did not feel as though it fit with the remaining décor of the home. I actually have a small ladder in my bathroom that holds towels for the grand doll. 
This was a craft room, which I thought was a nice addition to the home. I enjoyed seeing some of the ideas in this room that I could add to my office/craft room.

The laundry room was one of my favorite rooms. It was large enough to work in and never have clothes on the kitchen table to be folded. I also love the built in dog kennel. I love the cabinets in this room as well and look at the counter space. I don't like the open shelves though. I know that is a huge trend at the moment, but not for me. My home gets too dusty!

The dog kennel!

The sink in the laundry room, what a grand idea!
Sorry that this is a little blurry. This is the back patio/ deck area and I love the garden look and feel to it. 

I enjoy a fire pit and I could picture us roasting marshmallows and making smores here. 

This pool is a concept that I love. I do not swim and truly don't care to be in the water, but I like that the pool is in tiers basically and I like the spot to just sit and be near the water and yet, I would not feel that I was in it. Then it drops to a very shallow area and then gets deeper at the other end. The fountains and lights were a nice addition to this area as well. 

Imagine sitting here on a hot day with a book and a glass of wine! My idea of total relaxation!!

Overall, we had a fabulous time at the Indy Home Show and are looking forward to going again next year. The showcase home was nice, but I was not impressed with much of it. The open concept is huge in homes currently and I think that is a fine idea, but also remember that there are times that you want to escape that hustle and bustle as well. 

The décor was not my style, but I am sure that designers are seeing it as the in thing for the year and so that is why we were looking at it. If I think of décor with an African flair, it will have zebras in it at some point as they are one of my favorite animals. 

I hope you have spent some of your cold winter day with me as I have traveled through the show and I hope you have made some notes of areas in your home that could use a touch of fresh décor. Thanks for stopping at the Indy Home Show with me!


  1. I agree with the last photos...not my style ...I like the more cozy feel of my mismatched furniture. Its me...a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
    The signs are great...wish I had a place to put some of them.

    1. I agree that it is not my style. I like my cozy feel to my country farm home.

  2. I would have only gone to the fun vendors as well. The house has both good and bad. LOVE the bedroom coffee spot, which could also be used for other purposes. LOVE the large shower and pantry. The floors are beautiful. I don't like the first bedroom, especially all the black over the bed. I am a pastel person, and on the whole I think other color schemes would be much more inviting. So I love the house and rooms, but they all need redecorating.

    1. Yes, the décor was certainly not my style. I didn't care for the pantry or the shower, but that's what makes us all unique.

  3. My bedroom has blue accents and I find it very calm. I've got green and pink in the living room, so I'm sure my colors would never make it to a model house, but they work for me. I do like the pantry. I have a teeny Manhattan kitchen and I would love to have storage space.

    1. I would love to have the space, but I don't want a pantry that all guests can see into and I know with children it would be a hassle.

  4. I enjoyed the tour!! The sink you like is perfect! I am getting new counter tops and sink this spring! Hope I find one like you did!

    1. I hope you do too. I am hoping we can do ours as well this summer, but we shall see.


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