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I currently am a teacher, cook, taxi driver, manager, acccountant, maid, and many other titles as I manage our home and family farm. I also work two jobs outside the home. I am a caregiver and I am a cashier. I stay busy!
I also sell on Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist. I write for several sites and I enjoy all of my work online I am a member at Swagbucks. I am attempting to get into doing some freelance work and I hope to soon be able to live off of my online income.
Besides this blog, I also write a blog about cooking and include many recipes on it. Just another thing to keep me busy!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Each year as the weather begins to hint at spring and summers' arrival, I begin to get the urge to rid the house of all the dust, mud, and signs of winter weather. Time to open windows and allow the fresh air to replace the stale that winter has left us with. The urge to clean the mess left by heating with wood and yesterday, I done just that. Spring Cleaning!

The day began with just a normal cleaning day but after 9 hours of non stop cleaning, I realized that I had done much of what I usually reserve for a later date as we are not experiencing spring at the moment. I was not able to air the house out as it was too cold to have the doors and windows open, but I was able to let the storm door be open and allow some sunshine in. Sure wish we had it today!

I was able to mop and do some deep cleaning. I changed the items on my wall and added some new pictures that I had been given at Christmas time and just had not found time to get put up. I placed two new horse signs in my bathroom. and one that says " Life Is A Journey, Enjoy The Ride" on it just above my file cabinet so that I see it each day that I am at my computer. It reminds me that life is short and we need to enjoy it and not concentrate so much on the stuff we can't change. Also, we need to realize what makes us happy and concentrate on that. Work is necessary but we should not allow it to control our lives and it has taken me a long time to realize that.

My wish for each of you today is to enjoy the special small moments and do something that you enjoy this week. It is supposed to warm up and if it does I am going to enjoy a ride with my horse.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Evening Thoughts

Warmer temps have melted most of the snow that we had a week or so ago and Mother Nature has left us with mud everywhere. The ground is so saturated with water that it can not hold another drop. Mud covers everything and the ground is like a giant sponge soaking it up while remaining wet and squishy.

Walking anywhere on the farm is next to impossible. No matter where you place your feet, there is mud. Shoes and boots are covered, which leads to mud inside as well as outside. Floors can be cleaned several times a day and yet, you will for sure see a spot somewhere that was missed in the last cleaning or that has just been tracked in by someone.

With rain in the forecast for several days this week, it is only going to be worse. As a kid, I am sure I would have greatly enjoyed this mud but mud pies are no longer an enjoyable experience for me. Now, I must clean it up and that is no fun. I would love to see the sun shine and dry things up for a few days, but until that happens we will continue to walk around feeling like pigs that are playing in the mud or taking a very expensive mud bath for free if we fall in it. Maybe I should charge for people to come and wallow around in the mud and claim that it will make you look and feel younger.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturfay Morning Tidbits

Saturday morning is here and that means a couple of days off to most working people. However, for me this weekend, it is only one day off and a real busy day off at that. I work at my second job tomorrow and I will be there all day. UGH!!

The nice thing about a weekend like this is that the weather is changing. Forecasts are that the temperatures are going to be in the 40's and 50's most of this week and that means the snow will melt and we will be seeing floods and mud everywhere. The mud is what I don't care to see. I won't be affected by flooding, but I hate to see anyone lose their home. I, however, have to fight the mud daily. I guess it is time to find my Muck boots so that I can walk around without ruining my other boots.

Tonight is the night to change your clocks if you take part in daylight savings time. We do and so we will spring ahead an hour tomorrow morning at 2 a.m. I will change ours tonight before we go to bed. It means I will have to adjust to the change. I know that it should not really cause any issues, but with my sleep pattern a huge mess anyway, this change does cause an issue.

Since my day is a busy one, I am cutting this short today. I will be returning soon. I hope to post some new photos soon. Have a blessed day!

Friday, February 27, 2015

It's Friday!

WOO HOO! It is finally Friday and I do not work over the weekend, so I am happy to say that I will be able to clean my house and get some rest the next two days. At least, I hope I can. My daughter works all weekend and so far she has not been able to drive her truck due to the fact that the road we live on in still very slick due to the snow. Her little truck just does not do well in snow or on ice, so we have been making sure that she gets to work and the weekend is calling for more snow so I guess someone will have to take her to work. That will mean that I will have to get up early but not as early as today.

Of course, I work today and so that means an early morning as usual. I like being up early but I would love to sleep past 5:30 a.m. just a morning or two. If I got in bed earlier, the early wake up time would be fine, but I usually don't go to bed before 11:30 p.m. and I usually am up at least twice during the night. In the spring and summer., the early mornings allow me to enjoy wildlife while sitting on the patio having my coffee and allows me to get to the barn early.

We have another animal here on the farm. It is a new rabbit. I forget what kind it is, but it is quite large and I will try to post a photo soon. It is an albino rabbit so it is a beautiful white with grey ears and pink eyes. It is an indoor rabbit and has a really nice cage with it. This rabbit was a pet and was the only pet in the house at the previous owners house. The rabbit is a bit spoiled, I feel. However, my daughter does enjoy having it and the rabbit will sit and watch television and it plays with our dogs. I was a little worried about mine, but she done fine with it. Never an end to what we will bring home and this one was free so we were happy to get it. This rabbit is even litter trained so I could leave him out of the cage as the others did.

Well, that is enough of my ramblings for today. Hope everyone has a good day!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Snowy Morning Praise

Good Morning and it is a snowy morning here on the farm. No, we do not have a huge amount of snow, but the howling winds and the snow flurries make for a wintry morning. The temps are not forecast to be out of the teens today with wind chills being in the single digits. BRR!!

During my Bible study today, I was thinking of all the times in the Bible that God is with those who think that they are so alone. Prime example when David defeats Goliath. David feels that he is facing an obstacle that could destroy him and yet with God on his side, David can defeat the giant in front of him. Also, there are so many verses that speak of God being with us and it is comforting to know that He is.

Many of us face obstacles in our lives and without the power of prayer and the confidence that someone is with you, it may seem overwhelming, but fear not for He is with you. Whether you are a Christian believer or not, God is aware of your battles and He is waiting for you to believe and ask for His help. He wants us to need Him as much or more then we might truly need Him. Whether the battle is depression, alcohol, or a looming illness or even a simple decision as to a career change or life change, He knows our needs and He knows what to do.

As you begin your path today, remember that someone loves you and appreciates you! Also, remember you are not alone!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Huge Powerball Winnings

Some one could wake up in the morning with a whole new outlook on life. For anyone that plays the lottery much, the Powerball draw tonight could be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The bank for this game is up to over 480 million dollars. Now, with that kind of winnings possible, the chance of someone winning the game is very slim, but people are still buying tickets.

This is the largest drawing since Feb. of  last year. If you do not hit the Powerball number, you could still be a millionaire by hitting the other numbers. Most people would be happy to win a million dollars and not be upset that they did not win the 480 million. I know I certainly would be. The lottery knows that people are always dreaming of getting rich quick and that is why the games are so popular.

Gambling is also a huge business and this falls right into that scheme of things. For years, people have gambled on card games, dice games, lotteries, raffle drawings, etc. These are all ways that hard working adults give their money away. The lottery officials are counting on many people wanting a ticket for tonight's drawing.

I rarely ever play the lottery and rarely ever purchase a scratch off ticket, but today, I might purchase a ticket and see if I can win anything. I would be happy with winning $20. I don't have to have the millions. However, if I did win the millions, you can bet that the farm would look a lot different and you would probably not find me here often. I would purchase a travel trailer and do the traveling that I have always wanted to do. I would also pay for both of my daughters to go to college and I would give my son some money to help him get himself a house since he has a good job and I don't think that he is looking to go to school.

Will you be purchasing a ticket today? If so, I will wish you good luck!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

Hello and good Sunday morning! Yesterday, I spent the day with my friends and we were planning to take a trip to Savannah, Georgia. I have been there but they have not and so we decided that we will take a trip this summer. This is a photo taken at Tybee Island when my oldest daughter and her boyfriend and I went last year. With the weather warmer yesterday and today here, I decided that with all the talk of the island and warmer temps, I could post this to #brightentheday.

 My Brighten the Day campaign began a few days ago and I have not been here to write about it since, but it is going well. the first two days, I decided to just pay random compliments to people and that worked well. I would be in line at the store or gas station and I would just compliment someone on their outfit, smile, hair, etc. It is amazing how you can make someone smile by just being nice.

Last night, my husband and I went to a local Waffle and Steak and has one of the worst experiences ever in a restaurant. The first plate of food was nothing that I had ordered and it took almost 30 minutes to get it. My husband's egg was not properly cooked, his waffle was cold and soggy. He ate his, but I sent mine back. After another 10 minutes, the waitress returned to hand my plate to me and it was the right order this time, but was still not right. My hash browns were supposed to have cheese in them and they had a slice of cheese on top of them that was not even warm. The ham in my hash browns was burnt, the patty melt sandwich was a hamburger patty with cheese on it and very few grilled onions on it, my bread was buttered and hot but soggy as it had not been toasted.

We asked for comment cards or the district managers phone number and the waitress gave us something to write on but it was not a comment card. She also gave us a number and asked what was wrong, when we complained she stated that it was what happened when cooks and waitresses did not show up for work. There were three waitresses and one cook. However, one waitress was not busy and one had been there since 7 a,m, and it was now about 10:10 p.m. A few minutes later, the waitress came up and told me that she had voided our ticket because she would not have eaten the second plate that I had. I told her I truly appreciated it and that I was unable to eat the remainder of my sandwich. I also commented that the entire experience was bad and that I understood that they might be short of help, but that quality was better than fast as far as I was concerned. She understood completely and apologized again for the service and food. I went to speak to my husband as he was visiting with a  family friend that had came in and told him what she had said to me. I told him to be sure he left her a tip even though my food and service was not great. She was trying! We gave her $10 and she said we did not have to leave her anything because she knew that we were not leaving satisfied. I told her that we appreciated what she had done and she smiled and thanked us. #Brightentheday campaign completed again!

One other thought today, pray for Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. This young lady has been hospitalized for several days after being found in an eerie similar way that her mother was found dead. She is a troubled young person that has lost her biggest supporter and protector, her mother. She misses Whitney a great deal and has struggled since her death. Reports are that she is on life support and that doctors have said there is nothing they can do for her. I pray that she finds peace and healing in some miracle today. She has so much to offer the world and yet, she is in such a low and tragic place!

Have a fun and happy Sunday! Praise God for the good things in your life and ask for help with the bad!