Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Country Weddings

We are a hobby farm family that enjoys raising some of our own food and we enjoy the horses and being outdoors. I am happy to say that when my daughter gets married, we will be having a fall, outdoor country wedding.  I have occasionally talked with others about those type of weddings and I have looked at Pinterest to see what ideas are out there.

There are several ideas. Most floral arrangements include sunflowers which would make me happy since I love sunflowers! I think that they are prettier than roses or any other flowers. I would love to raise my own but I never seem to have much luck with them. I may just buy some fake ones today if I am out so that I can have some here.

I am not much for decorating my home for holidays other than Christmas, but I am starting to think that I should decorate for fall. I know I can't do much as the grand doll would be into all of it. I am thinking that our tree will certainly be a little one this year that can be placed on a table as there is simply no place to put the darn thing that she will not be into it. Anyway, this sounds like it is off post, but really is not. My daughter has said that she would like to have her wedding here, which means when it is to happen, she will expect me to help with decorations. I am sure that I can but it may be a challenge when I realize that I really am not great at making things that look professional. LOL!

Here is a list of items that I feel are important to a country wedding:

haybales for seating
burlap for décor
fall flowers
mason jars
milk cans or milk style pails

an old barn would be great for photos

What do you think? Perfect country wedding décor? I believe so!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Boos and Boobs

October is a month full of activity here on the farm getting ready for the winter and getting things ready for the holidays that are right around the corner. Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays but it is one that we enjoy some of the nicer decorations for and we celebrate it as just a day to be aware of the fall and beautiful bounty of pumpkins, gourds, and other fall veggies.  We, as a Christian family, do not celebrate it for the real reason we have Halloween.

Halloween is a holiday that is full of plenty of scary sights , but we choose not to honor those or purchase those. A cute witch is just as good as a scary witch. A cute pumpkin is just as nice as one that instills fear. We know that God tells us to not be afraid for He is with us. Halloween always makes me think of the word Boo and that is why it is included in this blog post title.

Another event that takes place each October is Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink ribbons and events will take place all over the US to raise awareness of the importance of self- checks and breast cancer patients. Both those that are fighting now and those that have fought this battle need to be remembered this month as in the future. I personally lost a dear childhood friend to this horrible disease and I have known several others that fought it and thankfully seem to have beaten it.

Being that I am a Pink Zebra representative, I am going to promote Pink all month. I am thinking of attempting to make a sale that allows me to donate to someone that is currently fighting this illness. Do you think that would be a good idea? Breast Cancer Awareness is the reason for the second part of the title of this post- Boobs. For all the women out there, take care of them! Do your self check when you shower. If you find anything that could be a problem, get to the doctor and have it checked! Please don't wait!


Friday, September 9, 2016

The Day They Fell

On a clear and sunny Tuesday morning in September of 2001, the lives of all Americans changed forever. Most of us that are old enough to remember that fateful morning, we are still able to tell you where we were when the world changed.

My day began the way every other day began. My husband and I left for work. Our children were not feeling well and had stayed with my mother in law the night before. He headed one block from home to the water office where he was town utility manager and I left to head the 6 or so blocks to Dollar General, where I was manager. I always arrived about 30 minutes before the store opened to begin the preparation for the day. Our stock room did not have a radio, but there was one outside the door. As I awaited the arrival of my cashier, I went about business as usual. I placed the drawers in the registers and made sure my deposit was ready for the bank. I decided to fill a stock cart for myself to work on that morning as I did every morning. As I was filling it, I heard something that I thought said an airline had been hijacked. No, that is not possible in the United States. Suddenly, I think that I hear that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I immediately thought that I had heard wrong.

Shortly thereafter, my cashier arrived and I mentioned what I thought that I had heard. She had not heard of anything so I just thought that I had heard the radio wrong. The store opened at 9 and within a few minutes, we heard the confirmed report and the news stopped me in my tracks- a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.
I knew it was not an accident?   Could a plane accidentally fly into the Trade Center? Pilot Error? I don't think so. Ill pilot? Possibility, but my stomach dropped and my heart knew.

 Suddenly, we hear that the Second Tower has also been hit. Another plane ahs flown right into the tower. The news reporters are in disbelief and while trying to report the news are in tears.  I heard the words " our country is under attack". I hit my knees in the stock room and prayed for God's will to be done. For my family to be protected, for my country to be safe. I believe survivor mode hit, I knew I needed to reach the phone and call my husband and my kids. I spoke to my husband and he had heard the news. Being that he worked for a government agency, he was aware of the events and he was going into a serious work mode to protect the water that the town was provided. When I spoke to my mother in law, she was watching it on television. I told her to tell the girls that I loved them and to not allow them to spend the day watching what was happening.

While walking to the front of the store, I hear that a plane has flown into the Pentagon. Immediately, I wonder how can the safest place in the United States be hit? Who is capable of this kind of attack? How can this many planes be hijacked at once? So many questions and yet, so many fears and thoughts.

Once the cashier and I spoke, I left to go to the house to get my cell phone. I believe that my husband had asked me to do that. As I walked into the home, I had to turn on the television. I had to see for myself. I had to see it to believe it. I gathered my phone and a drink and headed to turn the television off when I was once again stopped dead in my tracks. 9:59 a.m.,the South Tower is literally cumpling before my very eyes.  Grief suddenly overwhelmed me and the tears began flowing. Tears that would just be the beginning of more to come that day. As I stood there in sheer disbelief, I realized that our country would never be the same! Our world had suddenly changed for ever!

How I drove back to work, I truly don't know. I walked in sobbing. My thoughts were simply "how could this happen?" As the cashier and the customer at the register looked up, all I could say was " it's gone". They did not know what had happened so I tried to tell them, but I was simply too shocked to speak. Fighting back the tears. I tried to convey what I had seen. Was it really true? Were my eyes simply playing tricks? Had the Pentagon truly been attacked? Could the Trade Center building collapse that easily? The lives that must have been lost? Was there any possibility that everyone had gotten out. No, a plane had flown into three different buildings and exploded on impact.

We begin to pay close attention to the radio. Our day was not going to be a normal work day. Would any day be normal again? I did not believe so. I spoke to my oldest daughter and she is scared, I comfort her and explain that New York is not close to us and that we are safe. Did I believe that? No, I was just trying to calm her. Was any of us safe? Were any buildings safe? No, we did not know if anyone else was planning to do anything else. Suddenly, the news that still chills me to the bone- the North Tower has collapsed! Dear God! I instantly began to pray again. I prayed for the lives lost, I prayed for those aboard the planes. I prayed for peace. Peace- how could I pray for that? I was not sure, but I did.

The remainder of the day was just a blur. A blur of customers speaking of things that they had seen and heard. Reports on the radio of people jumping from the buildings as they were burning. Reports of possible other targets. The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania that was possibly headed for the White House. The heroism of those aboard that plane. Learning that gas was rising greatly in price and many stations were out as people were filling up in sheer terror of what might become of the country. Wall Street and The World Trade Center was an area that basically controlled the money that the United States ran on. Would banks be closed? Would money be available? No one knew what these attacks would bring. No one knew how long the effects would be felt. Sheer panic was hitting and all Americans were in shock that these things had happened.

Within hours, we learned more about terrorists and the acts of terror than we ever needed to know. President Bush assured us that we as a nation would stand against terrorist and win. We learned of the evil that is within the world. We learned a name Bin Laden was an evil man that had orchestrated such an attack. I learned just how important my family was and I did not want to be apart. We drove to get the girls and I certainly enjoyed the hugs from them that evening as they were sweeter than before.

Where were you the day they fell? Do you remember how you felt? As the 15th anniversary approaches, it reminds me to pray. Pray for those that lost loved ones that day, pray for those that lost their lives that day, pray for peace. Pray for no one to ever witness such evil again.

Also, I recommend that you look at this video as well. I can't get it to show up like this but here is the link. 
Roger Mullins 9/11 Song

Monday, August 22, 2016

New Beginnings

Hello Friends! It is Monday and that brings a new week and many new beginnings for us. It offers us a new day and a new week to change what we are not happy with ourselves. It brings us a new chance to love those dear to us and to connect with those that are not near us that are dear to us. Set a goal this week to make one change in your life that will make someone else feel special.

Each day, I find that my grand doll and I are busy and in the home attempting to learn new things and I try to keep her occupied because she is into everything. I am not good at that but I enjoy the time I am with her, even if I am constantly cleaning up behind her. The weather has been very hot and humid here and so we have not been out much, but the weather has changed and so I made a decision that we are going to be out and about more now. Today, our plans will include a trip to town as I have some errands to run, a trip to a kids store that I hope to buy her some shoes at , and maybe even a trip to a new local coffee/ ice cream shop where she and I can have a treat. I also plan for her to play outside for a long while today.

I also have my plan set to contact with my best friend that lives in another state. I will call her today and I will also be mailing her a nice handmade card that just lets her know that I am thinking of her. How long has it been since you have received a card in the mail? Do you know a friend that would enjoy one? If so, make that your goal this week! New Beginnings could be a phone call to a long time friend that you have not talked to in awhile, a card or letter to a friend, a nice visit to someone, maybe just a simple smile and HI to the neighbor.

Little things matter and you might just be the only chance someone has at someone being nice to them today. Make the best effort that you can! The world needs some changes and this could be the perfect day to begin that change! #NewBeginnings

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

MidWeek Update

What a week it has been so far! The word of the week would be RAIN! It has rained every day for at least a week and I am so tired of it. Fortunately, today is to be dry and tomorrow is supposed to be fairly dry with just a chance and Friday is being predicted to be scattered showers. I may go camping!

Yes, I know it will be muddy but my daughter is off two days and it would give me a nice break from the grand doll. I love her but my daughter has been working a lot of hours and so I have had her quite a bit the last couple of weeks. Plus, they live with us so she never "goes home".

My week began with a very rainy Sunday which put me home all day catching up on some chores and doing my Bible study.  I have been reading Proverbs as I feel that it is such a beautiful book of the Bible as it is filled with many pieces of advice. I always find a verse that seems to teach a lesson.

Monday, the grand doll and I went to visit a friend. I planned to pick her up and we were going to a coffee shop. Coffee House 5. They have great coffee plus the proceeds go to five different community resources to help families. They are couseling services and aid for children. The coffee house is staffed by volunteers and I certainly appreciate what they are doing. They even have a worship service there on Sunday. The coffee is wonderful! We went, but it was raining the entire time and when we were ready to leave, the rain was simply coming down in buckets.

Our plans to go do some window shopping were quickly shattered as it continued to simply pour rain. I took her home and we planned another day soon with more coffee and some shopping. I will look forward to it. I will see her again on Saturday as we have our monthly get together with friends from high school.

On Monday afternoon, the rain ended. I was glad of that as I was to meet my cousin from Texas that I had not seen in probably 15-20 years. UGH! How did that much time go by? Anyway, she has 2 beautiful children and a great man in her life and it was such a pleasure to see them and visit. How I wish we lived closer. She also got to meet the grand doll for the first time! We had a very nice visit and she is due back next month for a short visit, which will bring her to my house.

Tuesday, it rained! Yes again! The morning was spent at my in-laws, which live next door. My youngest daughter has a room there and it needed to be organized and so I did it with the help of my oldest. I will throw things away and it drives my mother in law crazy!  The afternoon brought a relief from the rain and my husband and I went to price stand up freezers. We are getting ready to get 2 pigs and a cow from the butcher and so we certainly need more room.  They were a little more expensive than I had thought but we may still purchase one. I need to do some rearranging of furniture in the dining room a bit, which might get done today.

Today is to be DRY! That is a word that we have heard little of the last few weeks so I think we will take it. I hate to complain about the rain as I know there are many places that are in desperate need of it, but I am looking forward to a dry day.

I hope wherever you are, the middle of your week is going well. I wish each of you a very happy day and I will leave you with some photo. I am just randomly going to pick one.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mom's Struggle

Moms, do you ever just think that this is the day you will break? Break from the stress of another toy to pick up, another mess on the floor, another load of laundry, another cry from the baby that has cried for days, another "Mom" outcry?

Well, I am here today to tell you that this too shall pass! Your worn down, tired, and really fretting from a lack of sleep and personal time to do anything  by yourself, but it will pass. God knows that you are struggling and He knows we, as humans, are weak, but He can provide the healing that we need.

Children are a true blessing, but I am well aware that there are days that those blessings seem to be the one thing that is standing in our way to feel human again. All moms get frustrated, all moms begin to feel that they can't go on, all moms feel less than perfect, but it is okay as it will pass and you will survive. Put your faith and trust in the Creator and take a moment to breath and know that it will get better.

I am a firm believer in a form of self help for the frustrated mom, 2 minutes to breath and know that you can make it through the day. When you feel that you are at your breaking point, place the child in his/her crib and walk away. Simply shut the door and go as far away as you can within your home. Find a clock and spend the first minute just breathing, Slow and steady breaths and concentrate on it. If baby is crying, it is okay as they are in a safe spot. In the next minute, simply pray.

Now, you might be saying I don't know how to pray or I am not like that, well a prayer can simply be words said aloud to the air. God is listening whether you want Him to or not. Just say words like " this day will be over and the baby will go to sleep sooner or later, so I know I can make it through" Believe in yourself whether you believe in God or not. Know that you can make it through.

I remember days of breaking down in tears because I did not know what else to do to possibly help my crying baby, but we made it through. I remember days of wanting to walk away and never look back because of the behavior that we were struggling with, wondering how all of this could be worth anything, but it is! Many moms can't hold their crying baby or clean up that one toy that has been on the floor a hundred times, Many moms can't walk in the room and see a sleeping baby that is peaceful after hours of crying but they wish they could.

Also, many babies want to be held and there is no one there to hold them. Many babies want to snuggle in their mom's arms, and can't because for some reason mom is not there. Just this week, a friend of mine, lost a friend during child birth. That precious baby will never get to be held by mom or snuggled by mom. That mom would love to have a day that she felt she could not make it through another temper tantrum. but she will never experience that and the baby will never experience the comfort that only a mom's love can bring. How sad!

Keep that in mind as you struggle through the day and know that God is here and I am here and you can make it another day!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Good Morning

Just a simple Good Morning to each of you in cyber world. Many times, I feel like we get our day started and never think about the fact that we should be thankful that we woke up and thankful for another day of life. The sun is rising and it's going to be another hot and humid day here, which has been the theme of summer this year, but I am still thankful for the day.

Whether it is hot or cold, sunny or rainy you woke up! You are alive to enjoy another day. Put your best into the day and make it memorable. Many people would be thankful to have another day with a loved one, so make sure you treat yours right.