Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

As many of us are well aware of, today is known as Black Friday and that is because of the sales that so many merchandisers and companies use to draw shoppers in today. Online sales are increasing and I believe that people are deciding to shop more online due to the craziness that happens at the sales in stores. It seems that the items they place on sale are limited supplies of most of them and people will fight over those items.

For me, Black Friday is a day that I am spending at home and setting up a vendor booth for a Breakfast with Santa tomorrow. I am excited over the event and hope for a good turn out. I am worried that the rain will cause many to stay home and I am worried that turn out may not be as good as hoped for. I am just looking to sell some merchandise and purchase some new. with the end of the year nearing, I know we will have a new catalog in January and I hope to buy some new stock then.

I hope that this finds you all safe and warm at home even if you have fought the crazy crowds earlier in the day.

Please feel free to check my website at and if you contact me directly with an order today at I will be having a discount for you. I will have to place that order though so feel free to contact me.

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you! I am happy to say that I enjoyed a nice day with my family and we had a wonderful meal. I was thrilled to have all three kids home with us as well as my grandchild. I know that they are all close and we see them often, but I am also aware that as they age and we do as well, that could easily change.

I am thankful for healthy children and grandchildren, a husband that loves me, a job that allows me to work at my own pace, and a job that I love. I am thankful for having things that I need and plenty that I do not need. I am thankful that my husband is willing to attempt to purchase a new home that I love!

I am thankful for a God that loves me and protects me. I have felt His hand in many things this week and I really needed that as the Devil was attempting to put doubt into my life with the horrible things that I have heard of this week. Illness, death, and just the meaness that seems to be happening in the world these days. I am thankful that I know that the days ahead are going to be rough as the Bible tells us of what to expect.

I am thankful for good friends! I am thankful that my work from home business is going well. I am thankful for a warm home and that I have the money to put food on the table each day. Those things are important!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Terrorism in Paris, France

Paris, France is known for being a city that is beloved by many and know to bring romance and love to many. This weekend, Paris became the latest terrorist target and the people suffered a huge loss as terrorists attacked multiple sites throughout the city. With over 100 killed and many others injured, life changed for the people of Paris.

Being home to another terrorist attack several years ago, the people of the United States can understand the loss and yet, the fight that is within the people. It makes a nation stronger in my beliefs to know that people stand together and unite to keep life going and to keep a stronger hold on what is important to them. Family and loved ones are what is most important to all of us and when that is threatened, even if not directly, it makes a human being stand a stronger stance and fight for what is more important to them.

Yes, multiple lives were lost for a senseless cause, but the strength of unity that Paris will now see from their own and others around the world will be a surprise to many. Other countries will decide to stand for the people of Paris. Many of the loved ones of those lost will take a new stand to make their families stronger and many will turn to their religion to find the faith that they may have lost.

I decided to see exactly what terrorism meant in the Oxford dictionary and here is what it said:
the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.   I don't know that many of us truly understand what the political aim of ISIS is but I believe that we all understand the violence and intimidation that comes from them. That is why many countries are joining in the fight against them. Whether their political views are right or wrong is not what is important to most, it is the way they choose to use the violence to stand for them.
Our world needs peace and kindness. I am seeing multiple ads these days about being kind and I would like to start my own campaign to stand for kindness. I want to suggest that we all begin a new social media campaign to showcase kindness. Let's use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to show the kind things that we are doing! Let's start a new hashtag   #let'sbekind
Have a great day! Be kind and share it!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Scenery

Rich shades of red, orange and burgundy seem to be the best of the scenery that we have. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, but they are still pleasant to see. I have wandered around the farm and taken many pictures recently and these are some of the best fall photos that I have on the camera.

These are the beautiful colors you can see overlooking one of the horse pastures. As you can see, the colors are quite full on the trees!

Here are some of the trees outside of my window that I have a great view of from where my desk sits. The colors are simply vibrant and beautiful!

Here are a couple more taken near the horse pastures and some of the bright oranges that we see so much of in the fall of the year. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Everywhere I turn I see the brilliant oranges, fiery red, and majestic yellows that fall brings to our world here on the farm. As I look out my window while I am sitting here contemplating what I will write, I am fascinated by the view that I have. As we have had much needed rain in the last hour or so, I see the gentle drops falling from a vibrant red and orange leaves from the maple tree in the yard.

I also see a large stack of wood that will fill the farmhouse with heat this winter. I am very partial to my woodstove as I know that it is a wonderfully warm heat and that the top of the stove makes for the perfect place to cook a large pot of beans or some comforting chili as the temperatures outside makes us daydream of the hot days of summer.

The sun seems to be hiding today and it reminds me of just how dreary winter days can be. I always am so thankful on days that we have sun in the winter as it seems that they are few and far between. I long for days that are bright and cheery during those long winter months. Even if the weather is cool, I do not like the dreary days.

Since I have not uploaded my photos yet, I will close by including one of my photos that I have taken here on the farm in the past. There are many I could share, but I will only share one or two for today. I wish all a safe and prosperous weekend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Busy Morning Pink Zebra Sjprinkles Style

Good Morning to all of my friends and family in the wide world that the web reaches. I am happy to say that I am feeling a little stronger today and the cold is slowly leaving. However, my husband and the grandbaby both are stuffy. It seems that it may be running it's course through the house. Time to clean and sanitize everything near and dear to us. Door handles especially are a huge concern and I will do them today.

I will also be working on my Pink Zebra business as usual. I try to spend two hours a day at least working on it. My daughters and I have a home show tomorrow evening and I need to prepare for it. I need to go to the post office as well as I have a couple of packets that I want to drop in the mail this afternoon. I also have to check on a party on the go to close hopefully tomorrow. I am feverishly working to sell at least a thousand dollars by the end of the day tomorrow to reach a quick start goal and earn some free products.

I am also working on a Black Friday sale so I will certainly be working on the plans for that as well. It is going to be a busy day but I think I will be up to it. The only issue I see is that I tire out easily and so that is going to be an issue.

Well, things on the farm are certainly looking like fall and I am hoping to be able to get some pictures today around here so I can share the beautiful colors of fall that we are able to see from our windows. It is time to close for now and get busy with the daily chores of a farm wife!

Monday, October 12, 2015

My view out the window this morning is one of absolute beauty as the leaves are nearing peak color. It makes for a majestic view, except we know what is following the color change and that is cold! The weather forecast is even following along with that thinking as they are predicting cooler temps all week and lows in the 30's during the upcoming weekend.
 That means work for me during the week as I need to get winter clothes from the garage storage and I need to get the wood stove ready to be fired up. I will move the mail that I have lying there today. I have been using the stove to place outgoing packages on and I have also been keeping the fan there on top of it to use during the days that it is too warm to not have it and too cool to use the air. Fall days here can be quite tricky. Today we awoke to temps in the upper 40's and we will reach a high of 80, but tonight the temps will drop into the mid 40's with a high of 65 tomorrow. UGH!
 This will be another short post as I am not feeling well due to a lingering cold and I have quite a bit that I need to work on today. Take care and I will be back later in the week. I think I will work on the other blog today and I think that I will build a site for my Pink Zebra business today!