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I currently am a teacher, cook, taxi driver, manager, acccountant, maid, and many other titles as I manage our home and family farm. I also work part time for a wonderful company ( Smoker Friendly) as a cashier.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Good Morning Wednesday

The sun is up, the roosters on the farm here are crowing and it is going to be a beautiful Wednesday! My wish for each of you for the day is to enjoy the day whatever it brings to you. We need an optimistic look to the day and some days that is hard when times are hard and dark, but try thinking of ten things that you enjoy and that will usually brighten the mood.

I am looking forward to today. I will be spending part of the day inside as we are going to Incredible Pizza for a home school education day. For those who do not know what Incredible Pizza is - it is a pizza buffet restaurant geared at kids and they have games, laser tag, go karts, etc. Today, there will be a room or two set up with activities for the home school kids to learn from. It is always a fun day! My daughter and I usually go, but we will be taking my niece with us today. Her and my daughter are only a year apart in age and so they always enjoy the time that they are together.

I think that we will also do a little shopping for 4 H project items. I know we need some supplies for some of the projects and we do not live near a craft and hobby store, but we will be near some today and so I think we will take advantage of that. I know my daughter will need scrapbook paper for her auto/truck project. I also know her child development will need some too. I love 4 H and all it entails, but getting things prepared for it can be a real hassle. She waits to long to start the projects and then she seems rushed to get them done. However, this year she has started several of them and her child development is almost done!

Since it is going to be warm, I am for sure getting outside too. I want to be able to clean my saddle and brush some of the horses today. I am hoping to go do some riding tomorrow too. I also want to clean our tack shed some and try to get it a little more organized before we have to start using it on a daily basis. During the winter, it always seems that nothing gets put back right as someone is always in a hurry to put things away as it is cold.

Hopefully, those who are having nice weather today can enjoy it and for those who are not, just do something nice for yourself- enjoy a cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot cocoa- whatever will make you happy!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pawn Stars Star Death Hoax

Chumlee, one of the four stars of the reality show, Pawn Stars is taking to Twitter to confirm that he is not dead. Earlier in the week, it was reported that he had suffered a heart attack and passed, but he assures fans that he is alive and well. The 31 year old actor has lost weight this year and is proud of that accomplishment, but he is not dead!

Like many other stars, some website posted that he had died and it instantly becomes news around the world and the world wide web and like so many other stars, he is not dead. He has for some reason became a victim of a cruel hoax and fans are relieved to know that it is a hoax. The star comes across as lazy or slow on the show, but he has thousands of fans that would be upset if this story was true.

As a lifelong friend of Big Hoss, Chumlee takes a lot of heat from Rick and the Old Man on the show, but he is funny and finds love with many fans of the show. He has been with the show since its debut in 2009 and has no plans to leave the show and wants fans around the world to know that social media reports of his death are just false reports. Even co-star Rick Harrison tweeted that Chumlee is very much alive and well.

I don't know if my readers watch the show or not, but it is amazing to me how fast social media can spread a story like this and yet, there is no one checking to make sure that what they are saying is true. Maybe social media should be used to spread messages that need to be spread such as say No to drugs and other messages that we want our young people to pay attention too.

Maybe social media sites could be used to find the missing Malaysian jet that can not be found after disappearing off of radar several days ago and there seems to be no signs of. The jet has over 200 people aboard it and it seems to have vanished. If a story of the death of one person can spread so quickly, maybe we should share the planes route with others on social media and someone will hunt and find this plane.

This is a reminder to check out some details when we go to share something on the internet or on a social media site. Always be sure to the best of your ability that what you are sharing is true. We can easily be found sharing false information if we are not careful to check into our sources.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chicks are here!

Chicks are here! That is the sign that we seen at Tractor Supply  yesterday when we went to stock up on food again. Each spring we anxiously await the arrival of the chickens, ducks, and other small fowl that farm stores like Tractor Supply and Rural King offer! This year I am looking for ducks, guineas and possibly turkeys.

Each spring brings plenty of opportunities to move new animals onto the farm. I enjoy the babies each year and look forward to seeing them grow. We usually have chicks hatch each year and so the chicks are usually in bounty here, but we don't have the opportunity to have turkeys hatch and this is the first year that we might actually have our own guineas. Our only turkey died this past year and so the turkey is for sure on a list of must haves this year.

Each spring, I go through a period of wanting plenty of small animals and some larger ones too. I personally am still wanting a zebra to add to the farm. I also am wanting to add a lamb this year. I would be interested in adding a calf too, but I could not make a pet of it as it would be for food eventually. The lamb would be a pet, but I might be interested in sheering it to sell some wool from it.

Although, we are having snow, freezing rain and in the middle of a winter storm, I am anxiously awaiting temperatures that will allow me to purchase a few of the chicks and ducks that I seen last night to add to my crazy life! I recommend that anyone who lives near a farm store, go see the babies as they will add a bright spot to your day.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weather Alert

Well, as if we are not tired of winter as it has been one of the snowiest and one of the coldest on record, we now have another winter weather alert across the Midwestern United States beginning this weekend. Forecasters are predicting snow and ice beginning this weekend and as we are still have temperatures in the single and teen digits during the night, it is bound to be nasty.

We have had over 51 inches of snow here on the farm and have suffered through temperatures below zero for several days in a row, but the animals have all made it through without many problems. Our ducks and goose have even survived without too much trouble, but I am sure that they are ready to fly south. I personally, am ready to fly south too. The horses have been eating to stay warm and they have thoroughly enjoyed the barn this winter. Luckily, my husband and I prepared by purchasing extra hay last year and so we have been able to feed extra round bales and we always feed grain along with the hay.

With the prediction for ice, I assume we will be making preparations to keep the small animals warm again by filling pens with extra straw and finding extra water containers so that they can be changed daily as once again the ones that are in the cages won't be able to be emptied because of the ice and being frozen to the ground. Along with that, we will also be preparing our home by stocking extra firewood inside and getting prepared in case of power outages.

While preparing for the outage, I am sure we will be having a soup and when I make it I will share the recipe here as it will be something new. So check back for a delicious and warm recipe.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Healthy Breakfast Option

With the new year upon us, one of my resolutions was to eat healthier. I have always liked oatmeal and known that it was good for me, but just never really took the time to fix it. I have also made a commitment to add more dairy products to my diet and one of those choices was yogurt. I had tried it a few times, but never liked it and so just refused to eat it.

A friend of mine had suggested that I try it as a smoothie. I did that and found that if I added fresh berries or bananas to it along with spinach and a little milk, I could eat some of it. I had these for several mornings in a row before I decided that I wanted a warmer and more filling meal for mornings that I leave home for work. I remembered that my grandmother always fixed oatmeal for us in the winter and said it would "stick to your bones". A warm and healthy option sounded like what I needed to face this cold winter that we are having.

I did not want to buy the flavored packages of instant oatmeal, but I did want to add some flavor of my own. I decided the first morning that I would add cinnamon and a little nutmeg to it and that was nice. I always use a little Half and Half as well when I eat it. I know that is not a necessarily health option, but it is what I like to add for liquid to it after it is cooked. After a couple of mornings, I also wondered about adding yogurt and some other food items to it. I decided that I would make it with strawberries and blueberries as that was what I had on hand. I also added a teaspoon of vanilla yogurt and cut the liquid it it. I only added cinnamon to it as to spice it up a little. I must say that it was not a bad choice as I found that it was quite tasty!

Since that first experimenting, I have added strawberries and bananas with strawberry- banana yogurt, cranberries and plain yogurt or vanilla yogurt, strawberries and cranberries with varied flavors of yogurt and even added many spices with it. I even added nutmeg with the cranberries. I am finding that I can add many different fruits along with spices and yogurt and make a meal that is healthy and filling. I would suggest that you try small amounts of anything new that you add and then, if you find something that you like, you can add more to it as your taste would find appealing.

In these days of so many additives being in our foods, it is nice to find a wholesome and delicious breakfast choice.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


As I stare out the window, I wonder just why we all complain so much about the weather. Yes, I am tired of the cold. Yes, I am tired of the snow, but I can't change it and it is the work of God, so why should I complain. He knows what is best and I don't question him on the other many things in my life that are not in my control, so why the weather?

I believe that we have some beautiful weather in the other months of the year and I believe that he gives us a season for each part of our lives and so the weather is just the same. He gives us cold and snow to kill insects and germs from the air and land and we should be willing to accept it and not be upset about it. I feel that we should appreciate the beauty in each day and if that happens to be a winter wonderland, then be thankful that we have seen another snowfall.

Be thankful that you are not blind and can see the beauty of the snow on the trees and the white that represents cleansing. Be thankful that  you are not paralyzed and can't make a snow angel or go sledding. Be thankful that you can feel the cold and that you have a warm place to sleep and food to eat on a cold snowy day. So many things to be thankful for and yet, we complain instead of enjoying what we have.

Life is so hectic and so many times I hear people say, "If only I were not so busy", well it could be that the snow is just for that, a time to remind us to slow down a little. Maybe companies should consider working snow days in for adults. Maybe we should all learn to slow down and enjoy the snow and the beauty of the earth around us.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Being homeless is inhumane

As I sit here in my chair with my coffee in my hand, I am watching a beautiful sunrise and thanking God for the sun and warmth. The United States have been cold this winter in this area of the country and I know many others have as well. We have had several snows that have made travel treacherous and everywhere I go I hear someone say, " I will be glad when winter is over". I have said it myself, but I also catch myself being thankful for the warm home that I am in.

Recently, my brother has been homeless. Yes, homeless is a scary word to myself and I am sure many of you reading this. He has yet to have to stay on the street , but he has struggled with where he will stay and how he will pay for another room at a local hotel. Some churches have helped and the United Way is currently helping him, but the county that he is in just is not very resourceful when it comes to those who are homeless.

He is willing to work, but he has had some legal trouble in his past and that haunts him. He also does not have drivers' license, which makes it hard for him to get back and forth to work. I am sure that many employers see that as a risk to them that he is not dependable. Plus, he has always done masonry work and other outside work and so he is not experienced in much other type work.

His situation has really made me think about the homeless in many places. No one should ever be without a home and utilities as long as they are willing to do something to help themselves. There are local, state, and federal parks which could use some extra help that there is not government funding for that these people could work in for some assistance in a place to live and be warm. There are so many places that I believe we could allow these people to work for basic necessities. Each county should have a place where people could stay out of the weather and each county should have a program which allows these people to work in exchange for room. I know many towns have local hotels that are no longer in an area where travelers stay a lot and these would be the perfect place for these people to stay. Maybe the towns offer some kind of payment or tax break for these hotels to hold half of there rooms for this type of situations.

We have faced temperatures that have been below zero and wind chills that have been near 40 below and I can't imagine not having a warm place to sleep in that type of weather. Homeless people are in every city and these people deserve some humane treatment. The next time you see someone standing with a sign asking for help, maybe consider stopping and handing them a warm drink or sandwich. Many would be thankful for even a dollar sandwich that was warm or if you know of a church or something that might be willing to help, offer that advice. These people might not be lazy or just asking for a handout, they might really need some help.