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I currently am a teacher, cook, taxi driver, manager, acccountant, maid, and many other titles as I manage our home and family farm. I also work part time for a wonderful company ( Smoker Friendly) as a cashier.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quiet, Foggy Morning

As I am up before dawn enjoying the quiet of the morning, I can say that I love mornings. However, as I let the dog out today I discovered that we received some well needed rain, but it is extremely foggy out today. It almost makes the entire property look as it if should be in a movie.

The rooster is now crowing and so it must be time for all the animals to wake up. It is almost time for my nephew to wake up and prepare to go to work. He is working in the kitchen at a nearby lodge and seems to really like it. I believe that it is good for him to work. He seems to be maturing a little since he moved here. There are still things that he needs to work on.

It has been a cool summer here, but it is suddenly getting hot and humid so it will be an air conditioning day later. I am enjoying the windows being opened this morning though. I hate having the house closed up for days on end as I enjoy the outdoors air. The weather has been much less humid and cooler this year than in previous years.

Hopefully today, I am able to get my pony out and do some grooming and possibly ride a little bit. I would like to do that as I have not been able to ride much this year. I wish I lived somewhere that I could ride on good level ground but I do not so I will ride in the back and do the hills to get to the level ground. I am thankful that we have a nice place to ride just wish my neighbors' dogs were contained better.

Wishing you all a good day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Journey Continues

As many of you know, my mom has been very ill in the last few months and suffered from a ruptured esophagus on May 13. She was rushed into emergency surgery and has recovered nicely from what seemed like near death. She had a wonderful surgeon, Dr, Kenneth Keslar at IU Health and thanks to him she is still with us today.
 However, having thoraric surgery is not a simple thing to recover from and at her age, the dangers become even greater. She has a g tube for feeding and she has a spit fistula to allow her to eat soft foods and drink some as well as to catch the mucus that we all naturally have. This has been an adjustment for her and the family. She currently is having some problems with keeping the spit fistula on and that has made her quite angry at times. Although, she has great nurses that visit her and a home health aid, it does seem as though there are days that her spirits are low.
 our journey down the path to recovery is seeming slow,but we also are very aware that we are heading in the right direction. The surgeon stated that he felt she was a miracle and that he is very optimistic that in November, she will be able to withstand the reconstruction of the esophagus and that surgery, although major, will go smoothly.
 It has been a long recovery, but we are thankful that she is home now and resting well and able to be doing for herself as much as possible. She was always very independent so we are thankful that her independence has not changed much.
 Thank you to all who sent cards, letters, words of encouragement, or even said a prayer for her! It was deeply appreciated!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Pony and I

This is not a great photo of me, but it is showing me with my favorite pony, Miss Fancy Pants. She is a quarter pony and I love her so much! She rides wonderful and always does what you ask of her. She was my replacement after I decided to get rid of my older horse, Stormy.
Stormy was getting to be unpredictable and would like to try to pin you between her and the trailer or the rail when you were trying to cinch her up to ride. She was always good on the trail, but it was so hard to get her ready and getting dangerous with the way she was acting. We made the decision to give her a new home and purchased this pony. I was not sure of whether I wanted a pony as they have a tendency to be ornery, but she was a good choice for me.
Of course, Stormy was the replacement for Tyson. He was the love of my life (sorry dear husband) but he was failing in health and just was not able to recover from a stifle joint injury. He was such a sweet horse and so willing to learn and do, but he just was older and not capable of doing what he needed, plus he was suffering when you would try to get him to walk much.
Fancy has been a good fit in our family. I have other horses that I ride, but this is my favorite of those on the farm now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Spring that wonderful time of year when the trees and flowers begin to bloom, baby animals begin to arrive, the weather begins to warm even when the mornings may be cool. It is a beautiful time of year and as the sun is rising here on the farm at 6:30 in the morning, it seems that the days are just more beautiful now than ever before.
 Most of us in the US had a long, cold, snowy winter and so it is nice to enjoy some of the warmth that we are having. As I was outside yesterday moving around, I noticed that many of our trees have cocoons in them and one tree that I can see outside the window has 7 of them in it. I also noticed yesterday that there are many small worms everywhere and I wondered what will come from the cocoons and if they are the reason we have so many worms out.
 We have a few new animals on the farm. We were lucky enough to purchase a couple of new turkeys last week and we also have purchased three new Silkie chickens and 2 fan tailed pigeons. The pigeons are very interesting birds and I am excited to have them. I really don't know much about them, but I will learn.
 The Silkies are such interesting chickens and just beautiful. They almost look as though they are covered with long , silky hair instead of feathers. They are also the most docile of the chicken breeds, so they are a little more friendly than you would expect. We are currently looking for hens as the ones we have are roosters.
Well, I must get to work. My daughter is starting a new job today and I must say that I am excited about that!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Scared New Pony

My husband and I have a new pony to add to our farm. She is a beautiful little bay mare that is part Mustang and part Colonel Spanish Horse by what we were told. She is branded so I know that she is part Mustang. She is about 14 hands tall and a smaller build pony, but she has been mistreated in the past and she is very untrusting of new people.

Someone my husband knew had the pony for his 17 year old daughter and they were moving and unable to keep her so they spread the word to their farrier and he told us about her. My husband went to get her and said the girl was very sad that she was having to get rid of her horse, so he brought her home. I had only seen her in the trailer until yesterday. I spent some time with her yesterday evening and she is a very gentle pony, but scared. She would not go into the barn when we first got there and gave her feed. However, after a little time talking to her and allowing her to see that we were not there to hurt her, she finally came to us.

My husband was able to take hold of her halter and I put a lead rope on her. She lead beautifully! She knows several commands and she does anything that you ask. She never once acted up after we got the lead rope on her halter. She is not scared of sounds that I can tell other than she acts differently when a male is talking versus a female. I had the rope along her face and everything and she did fine.

When my husband got her, he was told that the horse had came from a rescue center and that she had been abused in the past. As I was working with her, I noticed a spot along her right side back by her rear hip area and stomach that she seems to favor as you are rubbing over it and so I believe that has been injured before and possibly where she had been beaten. It makes me so mad that she is not trusting due to someone hurting her in the past! However, she will begin to trust us and be a good little horse.

People need to realize that when they mistreat a horse or pony that it will be a part of their personality from then on and it will make them very mistrusting of others.It makes the future owners job a much harder one to gain trust. Horses are intelligent animals, which some people do not believe. It is sad that people feel that they are just a dumb animal and it does not matter what you do to them. Horses can be trained without being mistreated.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Good Morning Wednesday

The sun is up, the roosters on the farm here are crowing and it is going to be a beautiful Wednesday! My wish for each of you for the day is to enjoy the day whatever it brings to you. We need an optimistic look to the day and some days that is hard when times are hard and dark, but try thinking of ten things that you enjoy and that will usually brighten the mood.

I am looking forward to today. I will be spending part of the day inside as we are going to Incredible Pizza for a home school education day. For those who do not know what Incredible Pizza is - it is a pizza buffet restaurant geared at kids and they have games, laser tag, go karts, etc. Today, there will be a room or two set up with activities for the home school kids to learn from. It is always a fun day! My daughter and I usually go, but we will be taking my niece with us today. Her and my daughter are only a year apart in age and so they always enjoy the time that they are together.

I think that we will also do a little shopping for 4 H project items. I know we need some supplies for some of the projects and we do not live near a craft and hobby store, but we will be near some today and so I think we will take advantage of that. I know my daughter will need scrapbook paper for her auto/truck project. I also know her child development will need some too. I love 4 H and all it entails, but getting things prepared for it can be a real hassle. She waits to long to start the projects and then she seems rushed to get them done. However, this year she has started several of them and her child development is almost done!

Since it is going to be warm, I am for sure getting outside too. I want to be able to clean my saddle and brush some of the horses today. I am hoping to go do some riding tomorrow too. I also want to clean our tack shed some and try to get it a little more organized before we have to start using it on a daily basis. During the winter, it always seems that nothing gets put back right as someone is always in a hurry to put things away as it is cold.

Hopefully, those who are having nice weather today can enjoy it and for those who are not, just do something nice for yourself- enjoy a cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot cocoa- whatever will make you happy!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pawn Stars Star Death Hoax

Chumlee, one of the four stars of the reality show, Pawn Stars is taking to Twitter to confirm that he is not dead. Earlier in the week, it was reported that he had suffered a heart attack and passed, but he assures fans that he is alive and well. The 31 year old actor has lost weight this year and is proud of that accomplishment, but he is not dead!

Like many other stars, some website posted that he had died and it instantly becomes news around the world and the world wide web and like so many other stars, he is not dead. He has for some reason became a victim of a cruel hoax and fans are relieved to know that it is a hoax. The star comes across as lazy or slow on the show, but he has thousands of fans that would be upset if this story was true.

As a lifelong friend of Big Hoss, Chumlee takes a lot of heat from Rick and the Old Man on the show, but he is funny and finds love with many fans of the show. He has been with the show since its debut in 2009 and has no plans to leave the show and wants fans around the world to know that social media reports of his death are just false reports. Even co-star Rick Harrison tweeted that Chumlee is very much alive and well.

I don't know if my readers watch the show or not, but it is amazing to me how fast social media can spread a story like this and yet, there is no one checking to make sure that what they are saying is true. Maybe social media should be used to spread messages that need to be spread such as say No to drugs and other messages that we want our young people to pay attention too.

Maybe social media sites could be used to find the missing Malaysian jet that can not be found after disappearing off of radar several days ago and there seems to be no signs of. The jet has over 200 people aboard it and it seems to have vanished. If a story of the death of one person can spread so quickly, maybe we should share the planes route with others on social media and someone will hunt and find this plane.

This is a reminder to check out some details when we go to share something on the internet or on a social media site. Always be sure to the best of your ability that what you are sharing is true. We can easily be found sharing false information if we are not careful to check into our sources.