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I currently am a teacher, cook, taxi driver, manager, acccountant, maid, and many other titles as I manage our home and family farm. I also work two jobs outside the home. I am a caregiver and I am a cashier. I stay busy!
I also sell on Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist. I write for several sites and I enjoy all of my work online I am a member at Swagbucks. I am attempting to get into doing some freelance work and I hope to soon be able to live off of my online income.
Besides this blog, I also write a blog about cooking and include many recipes on it. Just another thing to keep me busy!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Starting A Direct Sales Business - Pink Zebra

Well, I know it has taken me awhile to return here and talk with each of you, but there are so many changes coming up in my life. I have turned my notice in at work and I will be staying home with the new grandbaby while my daughter returns to work. I will also be starting a direct sales business that I will be working from home.

I have become a consultant for Pink Zebra. This is a company that changes lives by changing fragrances. Yes, it is a home fragrance company that allows you to make your own candles, air fresheners, etc. They have a unique way of selling the soy wax and it is called Sprinkles. The wax actually looks like ice cream sprinkles and comes in jar or cartons that remind you of sprinkle toppings containers or ice cream cartons. If you are interested in learning more, you can take a look at my business at my website.

I am working this business with my daughters. I am hoping that it allows us the income to work together as a family. I am also hoping to be able to allow my youngest to stay home by next year with the baby as well. I have tried direct sales before and I was never successful but I am hoping that now I am able to do more with the new products. After all, everyone likes candles and fragrance in their home.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Life Changes

I know that I have not written here for some time and I must explain to all my fans why I have not written. It began in May with a routine doctor's appointment for my daughter. We discovered that she was pregnant and due in three weeks. Now, mind you that although she is 18 she lives with my hubby and I here on the farm and none of us knew she was pregnant.

I had questioned her a few times, but following a doctor's appointment that consisted of renewing her birth control, I was sure that it was just me being paranoid. Plus, she was still having her cycles and she was not sick or extremely tired. She was still riding her horses and getting ready to show at the fair.  Imagine our shock!

My hubby was furious with her as we have always talked with our children about what expectations they should have for themselves. We have also shared his experience of being a young father and we thought we prepared them well to certainly make sure that they had a good future and waited for children. He did not want to talk to her at first. She decided to go stay with her sister that lives just a few miles down the road.

The next morning, I get a phone call that says they are at the hospital and that she is in active labor. I felt that I was in a dream. I knew that however disappointed I was, I had to go to the hospital. Hubby would not go, but I knew she needed us there so I went. As I arrived, I was sure it was a mistake. There was no way a baby that we had no thought of until the day before, could possibly be arriving this day. How wrong I was!  About 6 hours later, we had a beautiful baby girl weighing 6 pounds and 3 ounces and absolutely perfect! She was welcomed into the world by friends and family and I could not have been any prouder of my daughter or my new granddaughter.

Delivery went very smooth and she never complained once of pain. She pushed about 5 times and that was done. She kept telling the nurse that she did not need pain meds but they seemed to want to push them on her. I was proud that she did not have any. This child had been through enough without meds being given to mom during the birthing process. After all, my daughter had been practicing her barrel racing just a couple of days before.

Needless to say, baby is now the apple of Papaw's eyes. She is also Grandma's baby. I believe that she may be a little spoiled, but I prefer to call it well loved!  Of course, life has changed a bit since her arrival, but I certainly won't send her back and neither will the hubby.

Once, the adjustment was made to her being here, both of my clients that I have cared for at work suddenly were in the nursing home. This stopped my work until changes were made and new clients were found. I suddenly found myself with some free time and I was happy to have it honestly. I missed the ladies but I was able to adjust to the life changes that were here. Plus, it was fair time and I was sure my daughter would finish her final year of 4H. She did and done well with her projects. She even won some ribbons on Jigsaw, the horse I talked of earlier.

Once fair was over, I took a much needed and welcomed vacation with three of my friends. It was nice and I enjoyed the time away. We just returned a few days ago from a a trip to Savannah, Georgia and I will be sharing those adventures soon. Now it is time to catch up on my online writing and friendships plus time to consider my work. I am returning Monday although I truly do not want to.

I hope that each of you have a wonderful day and I pray that each of you can find God's peace and love as you go through this journey we call life.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Duggar Family

This is a family blog and I write often about our farm, but today as I write it is with a heavy heart. I am sure that many of you know who the reality television family, The Duggars are. They are with the show, " 19 Kids and Counting". Many times this family is looked down upon for having so many children, even though it is no one's business as they take care of themselves. They are a Christian family that stands firm on the values that they feel are important in their lives, which is something that we all could do more of.

Yesterday, news broke that the oldest son, Joshua, was reportedly to have fondled some of his younger siblings and a family friend during his teen years. Whether this report is true or not, Joshua has issued a statement saying that he did some things during this teen years that he has asked forgiveness for and that he has disclosed these mistakes to his family and his wife, Anna. His parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have also made statements saying that they went through some dark times when he was around 14 years old and that they grew closer as a family and have a closer relationship with God after going through those dark times.

Many young men make mistakes as teens that we do not condemn them for as adults. Many young men and women are known to "play doctor" as they are experiencing adolescent issues and experiencing rapidly changing hormones. It does not make them a bad person, but they must learn right from wrong. I am not saying that any of these actions are right, but I also know that it happens in many families.

I am sure that many people are going to say that when the family became aware of this, they should have gone to the authorities and had this child removed from the home. People will say that they were not protecting their other children and that Joshua is a predator. People will say that they could not watch each child due to the number of  them. I do not agree with any of these sayings.
The actions that are being reported were under no circumstance right or moral, but they were actions that occur in many other households and no one ever hears of it. The parents say that he was sent to stay with a friend and was talked to about the situation. As parents, I am sure that prayer was a huge part of the process and God can heal things that others can't . Joshua was a teen boy that was maturing and having urges that every other teen boy has.  His actions were unspeakable, but not unforgivable. His actions hurt others, but was handled in an appropriate way. His actions are also not something that should define the rest of his life. If he had been older, then I would feel a little different.

He has admitted to his mistakes and has taken actions to correct them. He is currently a young married man with a family and this dirt does not have to break him. He has standards that he is raising his family by and as long as he has no longer acted in the same way there is no reason for all of this to come into any current light.

We must remember that we all make mistakes and that we all must live with something that we have done that we are not proud of . Completely ruining his life and that of his siblings and parents is not appropriate behavior either. How we deal with this news is something that each of us will have to process and decide within ourselves, but I will keep the family in my prayers as they are going to face many questions and much media backlash.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Meet Jigsaw

Say Hello to Jigsaw!!!

Jigsaw is one of my daughters' new horses that she will use for fair. He has been a member of our family for a few months now and he is certainly a dandy. He is a 9 year old gelding Paint horse that has done well for her so far. She has shown him once this year and we are looking forward to more shows soon.

She fell in love with him when she first seen him. I believe that his fancy mane is one of the great things about him. He is certainly flashy when he is cleaned and ready for show. I believe that with a little more work, he is going to be a fabulous show horse.

She will be using him for most of her 4H stuff this year as her Tennessee Walker, Abdul that has been her faithful companion the previous four years is beginning to show his age ( about 23-26 years ) and is beginning to lose sight in his left eye. I hate to see the day that he passes or that she must have him put down due to his health. He has been there, done that and has even ran barrels for her. He has truly been the perfect horse for her and has helped her build her confidence.

This photo is of Abdul.

She will tell her that Abdul is still her favorite, although she really likes Jigsaw. Abdul is totally her baby and does anything that she asks of him. He is a well loved favorite here on the farm.

She has another new horse this year and she calls him Bub but his registered name is going to be Shot Through the Heart. She thought of that name from the song, "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi. She is a huge fan of their music and hence the name sticks. Here is the photo of him as well.

He is a good little horse too. He seems to have a nice little trot and walk and I am sure that she is going to be successful with him as well. It will be a learning experience for the horses and my daughter.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Weather Woes

Yesterday was Mother's Day and the weather here was really nice. Other states could not say the same thing as weather woes were incredible in many states. Texas, Arkansas and other areas seen massive tornados. The Carolinas seen many effects of tropical storm Ana and the mountain areas of Colorado and Montana seen feet of snow.

Today brings a threat of tornados to Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana while flash floods are being a threat in Texas and Arkansas. Myrtle Beach and the coast of North Carolina are still going to see the remnants of the tropical storm. Areas in North Carolina and Virginia along the coast could still see some flash flooding today.

I am thankful for the nice day we had and I pray that our weather stays quiet today, but I am sure we are going to see some storms. I have to see several of my elderly clients today and I pray that we stay safe. It would be impossible to get any of them to a basement. One will be going to the doctor today and I pray that it is not storming when I have to drive her there.

Whatever your weather is today, I pray that you are safe. Use common sense when you are in a weather situation. Do not drive through flood waters, do not try to stay above ground if you don't have too in a tornado. Pictures of these storms can be brought to us in the way of storm chasers, do not risk your life to get one. If you are in the areas that are getting snow, drive careful and know the areas that are not safe to drive in.

Stay safe out there!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

First Horse Show

We have completed our first horse show of the season and I must say that I am very proud of my daughter. She took a new horse in and actually done good for the first time with him. She was a little nervous as she has shown her walking horse, Abdul every other year.

However, this time out with Jigsaw was a successful day as far as I am concerned. She won a first place, a sixth place, a seventh place, and a fourth. The first was in sloppy showmanship, but she will still take that. She was a hot mess for that let me tell you! She even had the horse to step over the cone. It is one of the classes that she always looks forward too in any show.

Her friend also went with her to this open show. She has never shown before and done quite well with a second and third place finish. Her ninth place was not so great but for the first time in the arena, I feel they did accomplish quite a bit. I am sure that they both had fun! The wind was less than desirable, but it could have been worse I guess. Temperatures began in the upper 30s today and we ended up in the upper 50s, I would guess. However, the wind would almost cut you in half when it was hitting you.

It was a nice show day and we are anxiously awaiting our next one! I am thinking that I might want to show at next week's show if I can get my husband to get things ready for it. Maybe I go beat them all. LOL!!

I hope each of you have had a nice weekend. I love show season and I look forward to many more weekends like this- hopefully a little less windy!


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Indiana University Loss

Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana is suffering from another loss of a student. Yesterday, 22 year old Hannah Wilson was found dead in a remote area of Brown County. Mushroom hunters found her body yesterday morning and she was later identified. Hannah had been missing less than 24 hours. The area is less than 20 miles from Indiana University.

It is another reminder of the losses that the university has suffered during the last few years. Almost four years ago, Lauren Spierer disappeared after being out with friends during the evening. Several reports say that she was extremely intoxicated and left the apartment of a young man to walk home around 4 a.m. She never made it back to the apartment and has never been heard from again. Her parents have pleaded with the young men to speak up as to exactly what happened that night and they will not. Whether or not they are guilty of something, we truly don't know but it does seem suspicious.

A few years ago, another IU student Jill Behrman disappeared following a morning bike ride. Jill's body was later found and a man was arrested for her death. Several people were questioned and two people were charged with her death, but later one was released after a supposed witness recanted her story and the body was not found where she had said it had been. The man police say are responsible is not serving 65 years for her death.

I believe that Indiana University is a good school and that students just need to be more vigilant about where they are and who they are with. For students that are going to be drinking, please do it responsibly and do not go our alone. Always have a buddy with you! The world is full of creeps and people looking for the perfect opportunity to take advantage of someone. Do not allow yourself to be a victim!!