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Spring Decorating Ideas

As I am attempting to finally get some changes in my home now that my daughter has moved and I have a spare room to make into the granddolls room and my office, I've researched some of what is hot for spring decorating. I thought that the farm post today would be about that - decorating.

One of the best things about any season is comfort and cozy! You must be comfortable with what you put in your home and I believe that it must be cozy. Whether you add new paint, new furniture, new pillows, or just a new throw make it cozy. Spring weather can bring about warm days but in the Midwest, you will still see many cool days and cold mornings. ( About 27 degrees as I write this, where I live.)

Farm House style is another big returning d├ęcor trend for 2017. As I live in a home on a small hobby farm, I like that idea. Wood tile, charming rustic pieces, items that have been repurposed are all great assets in a farm house. Signs that have simple sayings are always a plus in a farm house look…

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