Monday, January 28, 2019

Valentine's Day Decor

Most of us are aware that as the tree and pretty lights come down after Christmas, we are usually a little disheartened because all of the spirit is gone from the room and we are left with that blank looking home. I felt the same way and although I personally have chosen most of what is in my home, it still loses some of the magic after the Christmas décor is down.

With the grand doll being a little older and a lot smarter, I have decided to look for some nice Valentine's Day décor that we might be able to purchase and save for a couple of years. I was sure that finding things that would work with the normal farmhouse décor might be difficult, but I believe that I have found some things that I want to share with you.

I know she is not a shopper so the items would have to be found online so I began at Amazon. That is the online shoppers paradise, right? Many treasures to be found and some to be bought. I quickly spotted one item that I knew I needed. This red "farm" truck was everywhere for Christmas so why shouldn't it be a part of my holiday décor.
Of course, we love pickup trucks so who could resist this pillow as well. 
I love primitives as well for my home and so looking for a primitive sign was a must, but it needed to be a small sign for the area I wanted it in so I searched for a bit, but finally found this cute little wooden heart box sign.
I have some French style pitchers, like this one 
I intend to add some red flowers to them and possible a few battery operated lights if I can find some and place these in my kitchen to brighten it as well. Valentine's Day can be a fun day to decorate for and I have had fun searching for décor. I had an idea in mind and I will look forward to seeing what you all come up with. Maybe a home tour is in our future for this holiday as well. 

Until we meet again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth!

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