Temporary Job

Hello! Just wanted to share with all of you that if I am MIA for a few days it is because I have taken a temporary job helping my oldest daughter get ready for a huge inspection at her warehouse. I am cleaning mainly, but it is work at my own pace and get things ready as I am able. It is not what I truly wanted to do but the money seemed like a huge asset at this time.

My husband and I are planning a small getaway for the end of Feb and first week of March. We will be going to Orange Beach, Alabama. I have never been to the Gulf Of Mexico and so I am excited! I believe that it will be a great trip as we are going with some friends. We are taking our camper and so the cost is really reasonable. I believe that the neighbor said something about a huge Mardi Gras celebration that week as well so it should be fun. He said there will be lots of parade and bands! That should be interesting!!

Working means that the grand doll has went to stay with a new babysitter yesterday. It is someone that was highly recommended by a dear friend of mine so I don't worry about the care she is getting, but I hate that she is not with me. She said last night that she had fun but when I asked her where she was staying today while I worked, she said "I am staying with you". I said that I had to work and she said, "No, you not" and gave me sad eyes. Absolutely broke my heart and about made me decide to not go back to work. She is such a huge part of my life.

Other news, we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary last Friday. We did not really do much only went to dinner, but it was still nice. It seems to always be bad weather, but luckily we did not get snow and slick roads until Saturday. My husband planned to go to Ohio for a quick trip, but due to weather we decided that it was best to stay home.
It has not always been easy, but it has been a journey. Good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, but we have made it! Looking for our silver anniversary next year!!!!!

We are hearing that we are in for another strong snow storm this weekend in the Midwest. I have heard predictions for a foot of snow and 40 MPH winds. That could bring blizzard like conditions to us and I hate to hear that. I believe that we will get it and then subzero temps which I hate with the farm to care for. We currently have about 6 inches on the ground and so it's going to be deep if we get a foot on top of it. 
This is from a previous year but it will look just like this, if we get this storm. So pretty, but I hate trying to get around in it.  I will be inside with a blanket, a good book, and some hot tea. 

Time to get ready to work. Until we meet again, my your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth. 


  1. Oh the Gulf is a wonderful place to be. I know you will enjoy it SO much. Have a blessed day and don’t work too hard. Hugs

  2. Thanks Teresa! With the weather we are having now, I wish we were gone!


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