Friday, January 4, 2019

A Wall - Is it Really Such An Impass?

A wall used as a barrier to keep residents of one country out of another country. A wall at a cost of 5 Billion dollars to a country that already is farther in debt than they should be. A wall that can shut down an entire government and cause military and other essential government employees not get paid. A wall that was used as a campaign tool that American citizens were told another government would pay for. A wall that is such a strong barrier that it has literally caused government to come to a stand still.

Now I am a very common woman that lives in a rural area on a small hobby farm and I am very aware of what goes on in the world around me. I am fully aware that some will see as a political post, but I am not aiming for that. I am simply looking to bring attention to this issue. I truly don't care how you feel about the President and the job he is doing. I truly don't care what your feeling on the wall is. I simply know that as a United States taxpaying citizen that expects my government to take care of those that protect us on a daily basis, I am really at a loss of words that a wall has stopped those brave men and women from getting paid. I am saddened that we would allow that to happen while our President that is sworn in to honor our country and it's laws has simply made this wall take on so much worth.

Do I feel that we need a wall? Doesn't really matter. Do I feel that we should pay? Not really, but since we want it, we will pay for it because the other country is not going too. Do I feel that our government should be shut down over a wall? NO! Do I feel Congress members and other Washington DC politicians should be paid while our military is not? NO!

Give some thought to how you would feel if you were directly affected. How would you feel if your son/daughter/husband or wife were on the front lines and were not receiving a check? What if it were you? Would the wall truly be that important that they risk their lives and not get a paycheck?

Also consider this, do illegals come into our country and take jobs? Maybe, but how many US citizens do you know that would go out and pick vegetables all day long in the hot, humid weather? We can't get US citizens to work at McDonald's or many other jobs that they consider underneath them. Do illegals come into our country and kill other people? Yes, but how many US citizens are in jail for the same thing?  People be aware that the illegals are not the only ones at fault here.

Another thought, were your ancestors ever here illegally? Did any one of us have family that arrived on the Mayflower, were those Pilgrims here legally? Did they kill Native American's? Did the Cherokee Indians deserve to lose their land to the white man and be forced to move onto reservations? Did they deserve the Trail of Tears?

Whatever your feelings are on this subject are your feelings or beliefs and nothing more. It makes those beliefs no more right or wrong than those of the person who disagrees with them. We are one nation under God! We are one nation that needs to pull together and find a way to peacefully share the world that we all share!


  1. I won't / can't get involved in US politics! but the shutdown seems silly to me. Cheers

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave such a sweet comment!!

  3. The Coast Guard is part of Homeland Security and will not get paid. Do I agree No. The military will get paid.

  4. Thank you for your visit today and for the sweet comments. Take care and stay warm.

  5. Thank you for the kind words. We live near a military base and we were told they were not being paid.

  6. Well stated. We have enough problems without having this mess on our plate!

    But on a happier note, thanks for your visit to my blog today! Always nice to see you there!


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