Sunday, January 13, 2019

Snowy Farm Days

Winter has certainly hit the central part of the United States with a vengeance. I believe that St. Louis was hit the hardest with over a foot of snow, but many other places throughout the central states have also had quite a bit of snow. We had about 4 inches yesterday and it snowed about another inch and a half overnight last night. Plus, the temperatures are the coldest we have had so far here on the farm. I can survive the snow but I hate the cold that usually comes with it.

Snow makes the farm chores a little harder but overall not too bad. It adds work to the chores though as we now have porches and walkways that need to be cleared and cars and trucks that need to be cleaned off and defrosted. Luckily, my husband and I worked together and got most of it done fairly quickly.

This was taken after I finished getting wood in for the day and knew that the animals were all cared for and I was ready to go in to settle in for the evening. Baked sweet, saucy pork chops were cooking and we were watching the Colts vs. Chiefs game. Although, I should be a Colts fan, I still feel as though they disrespected Peyton Manning when they let him go so I never really root for them. I am thankful to see the Chiefs knock them out of the playoffs and I must say that the young quarterback that plays for the Chiefs is an upcoming football star!

I love this pine tree that you can see from my kitchen window. It is always so beautiful with snow on it. 

Another view of the back woods. I can see this from my kitchen window as well. I will be glad when the junk camper that my husband dragged in is gone. 

This is the view of the side yard. This is one of the areas of the farm that I will be glad to see get updated next year. I would really like to build a building for the wood as well as fix the fence between the homes. This trailer is where my daughters have lived while learning to be on their own. 
The ducks did not seem to mind being in the snow. I took some watermelon out to them and they were quite pleased for the tasty treat. Yes, they have an insulted dog house to stay warm inside with plenty of straw for bedding. 

Mr. Prince, my precious cat. He was given to me by a lady when I advertised for barn cats. She had purchased him at a pet store for $300 and said that he hated to be inside. I hated to take him, but he has been such a wonderful part of the family. He stays in the loft of our garage most of time where he has a bed and some blankets that he covers up with. He enjoys eating on the porch though. 
Snickers is the grand dolls pony and she is quite content in the barn. She has plenty of hay to graze on and stays quite warm with her winter coat that seems to have more fur than a fur coat. LOL!

These are the two calves that we purchased as bucket feeders. They are such a cute pair and so friendly once I get to the stall. They are quite happy in the barn as well. They don't seem to mind that they only have one stall to share and I am sure it helps to keep them warm. 

As you can see, life continues here even with the snow and cold and the work never seems to end. It is okay because it gives life meaning and crime rates are always lower in a rural area than in a larger city. Peace and quiet are such a blessing! 

Until our trail meets again, may your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth!


  1. Sure takes me back to come here and read about the farm. It is an ever-rotating story of jobs and animals and happy moments that come from being connected to the land. It is also a lot of hard work--but one with great rewards. Love your $300 "barn" cat. lol Beautiful images. My daughter lives in IN and they got several inches of snow, too, and there isn't road equipment to take care of it. ugh.
    Have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Hi, Carol! Loved seeing all your farm animals and the white stuff. We don't get much of it here in Louisiana, but I would love some if you would like to share! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. I live in Indy- moved here a year ago! I stayed in today -didn't want to risk a fall. They cancelled our ladies of age �� Sunday school class. The roads are clear-they do a great job immediately! I like Peyton manning also!! Love love your blog!!!!

  4. I feel the same way about the Colts! Love Peyton Manning and his brother! Louis Dean calls them my 'pretty boys!' He would say, "Linda, you better come in here! Oneo f your pretty boys is playing! You will want to root for him!"

    Love hearing about your farm day routine. Snow, wind or all your days!

  5. Diana, they have the equipment here to clear the roads, but considering our county is large with a lot of unpaved roads and hills it can sometimes take them a while to get to us. We live in the northern area of our county so they aren't quick usually about it. Plus, we don't have our road plowed unless we do it as it is non maintained.

    Laura, I would send some but it would melt.

    Brenda, what a surprise! I am glad we have connected on here.

    Linda, I love the idea of " pretty boys" playing football!


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