Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Weekend At The Farm

Good Tuesday Morning from my house to yours! Since I totally missed blogging yesterday and had the grand doll due to her mommy working on a normal day off due to the holiday, I thought I would take a chance to catch you all up on what is going on at the farm. ( Sorry the photo is blurry. I thought a nice warm fire would be cozy for our chat.)
When the grand doll is here, we like to bake. Since I was not in a mood to bake, we found a simple recipe and we made our Christmas Almond Cookies. 
Adding the candy sprinkles was one of her favorite activities. You can't see it in this picture, but she always wears an apron when we cook. 
Before the oven. 

The finished project. Just enough for a taste for everyone. 

The chore of cleaning up. She loves water so dishes were her responsibility. 
Next, we moved to lunch. She asked for pigs in a blanket, so that was what we made. 
Dinner was a big pot of chili.
Then the grinding of 4 pounds of venison to make hamburger. I love to season it a bit as soon as it is ground. 
A little decorating happened. Here is the stocking hanger, but it needs to be bigger. 

A soldier and some snowmen to sing along with. 
Look at this farm decoration that I got from a friend. It lights up and I love it. Lights seem to be my theme this year. I am enjoying all the battery operated lights that we have available. 
Another blurry photo, but this is my front door wreath with lights added. 

More lights around the lamp and a candle burning. 

The close of the weekend brought a new animal to the farm. Meet Kujo ( my husband picked his name)
Isn't he cute? He's a blue heeler and my grand doll got one as well. I had forgotten what people charge for animals, but they are cuties and keepers. Last night was his first night in the house. I am not sure my Jazzy,( Jack Russell -Chihuahua mix) is too fond of him. We shall see.  


  1. What a lovely day you’re having! I’m going to have Amber, Mike and kids over Sunday afternoon for lunch after church then the kids will stay while the parents take in a movie. I’m looking forward to that. There will probably be some Christmas decorating they can help me with!

  2. Don't you love a kid who likes to clean up. That is as rare as hen's teeth, I think. Let's hope she holds onto that trend! It looks lovely, homey and warm. Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving, Carol.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Jeanie. Yes, it is great that she has learned that here she must help clean up to have fun

  3. How nice to have a granddaughter to bake with and then to clean up! I like that “loves water” stage.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I miss baking with my grands. We used to love making pizza together.


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