Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Crafting Today

I needed a catchy title for this post, but the item I intend to show you was something I done on Sunday. I will be linking this to Frontier Dreams Crafting On today. 

I am usually not doing many crafts, but winter always brings the time that I can possibly sit and do something for myself and Sunday was a lazy day here as my husband was not feeling well and I did not want to disturb him with cleaning, etc. I decided while he napped, I would work on something that I wanted to do. 

Several weeks ago, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby ( where I wish I would have won a lottery before entering their doors). I was thrilled to find something that I truly wanted to paint. I decided this year that I would like to have some new Christmas items so I have been looking. Of course, now that it is completed, I think I would like to do a few more for gifts. 

Everyone needs a red truck for Christmas, correct? I bought this charming little wood piece several months ago and just decided to paint it this weekend. I love it! I have found a pillow that says something about Christmas trees and I think that I would like to place it near it as well. 

Another project that I worked on and this is what I think I want a few more of are the Merry Christmas wreath signs. 
This was after my first coat of paint and before I finished the Merry Christmas. I was not thrilled with the purple bow, but I could not find my Glitter paint and I do love purple. I think my next one will be blue. 
Here is the final picture. Lighting was not great, but I used gold for the letters. I believe this will possibly go to my mother in law at the nursing home. I think it will be a nice décor for her room and I would like to find her a small Christmas tree. I think that she will like it. 

What are you working on this week? Do you make homemade gifts or only buy gifts or a combination of the two?


  1. I too, am painting but it isn't fun like yours! I have been slowly removing every window on our house (13 total) and am sanding, priming and painting them. They were in horrible shape. My husband wanted new ones but the quote to replace them was $7,000. NOT IN MY BUDGET! So I am slowly restoring them. It has put me in the mood to do something fun and creative...but not while we are sleeping with cardboard taped on the empty window frame.

    I like your truck and think the wreath would be very cheerful. My Mom's assisted living center has different wreaths and decorations on each person's door. It helps those with poor vision find their way.

  2. Well, I need to paint our hallway and some trim boards, but I am just not in the mood. I will try to do it soon. Keep working on your windows and then do some fun painting.

  3. I love your wreath. Im going to post my wreath craft tomorrow.

    1. Well tis the season! I will look forward to seeing yours as well.

  4. Usually my home made gifts are from leftover inventory from the year's art sales! I love the wreath! Wreaths are my fave!


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