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Hello! Many of you are aware that I sell for a direct sales company, Pink Zebra. I am happy to announce that our spring catalog is here and full of beautiful new scents to help your home smell amazing as well as beautiful home décor that will have your guests wondering where you purchased these items.

 One of my favorite new items is our WallHug! It is a nice plug in item that has an on/off switch on it that allows you to scent your home with no candle. Use it be adding a Soaks to it and enjoy the amazing scent that you will find our products bring. These are non toxic items as well. Win Win for all of us!!

Looking to add some color to your kitchen- check out our Cupcake Simmer Pot or the Lemon Simmering Light. Add some Sprinkles and your home will smell amazing. Guests will certainly be amazed with the beautiful decor you have added.  They will truly have no idea as to where the scent is coming from until you want to tell them. 

Also, with over 50 scents of Sprinkles to choose from, you are certain to find a scent that you will fall in love with. All items are 100% guaranteed- if you don't like the scent you order, Pink Zebra will replace it for you. Can you do that with other fragrances that you might purchase? Plus, Sprinkles are non toxic as well. They are a soy wax blend that will not hurt pets, children, or husbands that might think they are candy.

These items are beautiful for a bathroom or a coastal themed bedroom. I love the crab that is made to fragrance with Soaks and give your room a fresh smelling scent day or night. Imagine this sitting on a bathroom sink or counter scented with one of our 56 scents! 

Do you love cars or have a man cave? This is a perfect addition to those collections as well. Any man would enjoy this beautiful car sitting in their man cave. It can be used to hold a Simmering Light as pictured above or just sitting on a shelf for décor. Once you have the light, scent it with California Boy or His and the man cave will smell amazing!!!

Santa Cruz Sunset is a special fragrance we are offering and it is absolutely an amazing scent! I would highly recommend that anyone try it. Imagine sitting on the beach while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Finally, if you prefer a desert lifestyle over the beach we have you covered as well. This Simmering Light will have guests talking about the cacti that are surrounding this beautiful light. 

Pink Zebra truly offers something for everyone! I hope you will help a small business owner out and shop my website here. Thank you and anyone that orders and comments below will be entered into a drawing for a free gift and will receive a special item from me in the mail. I'm looking forward to helping you make your home look and smell beautiful!


  1. I LOVE the crab and cactus light!! And your website is beautiful; I am tempted...

    1. Please let me know if you purchase anything as I have a drawing that someone will win and I will send you a free gift as well. They are amazing products.

  2. What fun products. Sadly, I lost my sense of smell several years ago...once in a great while I will get a whiff of something but think it might be memory scent rather than actually smelling something. I miss my wonderful candles. xo Diana

    1. So sorry to hear that. You can actually still enjoy the beautiful home décor that is offered even without scent.

  3. I've never heard of Pink Zebra but what fun products.

    1. Thank you. I would love to share a sample with you if you are interested.


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