Thursday, March 26, 2020

Home on The Farm

How are you all surviving the corona virus, especially if you are under a stay at home order, like we are? Are you enjoying the time you have at home without the daily stress that comes with being at work? Are you spending quality time with your children? Are you in contact with children and/ or grandchildren that you are not able to see? Are you staying safe?

I personally am still seeing my grand doll daily as I live next door and if I have been exposed, I am sure she has as well. I am scared following the news today that 10 people at the senior living facility that my daughter works at has 10 confirmed cases of the virus. I hate that my husband is such a high risk for this illness as he had health issues- diabetes and lung issues. I also hate that my oldest daughter has chronic neurological Lyme and this scares me that she might be susceptible as well.

Life on the farm is about the same though. I am still able to walk to the barn daily, enjoy the few flowers that are blooming and spend my day blogging and working around here. I am thinking of adding a vlog to my list of things that I want to do. I have also attempted to take part in a writing community that will allow me to read books, write reviews and possibly get paid for those reviews. I need to be able to make some more money at the moment and this will be the perfect way for it to happen.

I am currently writing this and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. It is a brown sugar crumble coffee and it is quite tasty! The weather is cloudy, but fairly warm. I was hoping to see more sun today and a little warmer air. I will take what I have though. I just finished a Bible study and I have to share a verse with you.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Psalms 119:105 (KJV)

That is one of my favorite verses in the entire Bible. Many years ago, we were taught to sing this verse and it has stuck with me since then. How lucky we are that the Bible is a lamp and light for us. We need to learn to trust God with all that we deal with and to use His word as the light for our path.

Certainly not a good photo of me, but one of my favorite activities. Horseback riding and camping are just a couple of the things that I truly look forward to in the summer time. I need a camp trip now!

This is a photo of my daughter riding one of her horses. She used to ride often, but does not as much now. 

One of the baby ducks that we have had in the past. I am not sure we will get any this spring, but we shall see. 

This was Sugar, one of my husband's first horses. He dearly loved this horse and she was such a sweet girl. She was older, but she done the job that needed to be done. 

This is my daughter at the fair. She had placed in one of her showmanship classes, I believe. It was always so hot when these classes took place. I know many times that she was dressed like this and the temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I am proud of the kids that stick with their love of horses and community to do these types of show classes. 

A couple of the cows that we have had. 

I hope you have enjoyed the farm photos I have posted. These are all older, but still a good look at how life is here. 


  1. For me not much has changed. Since I work in a grocery store I'm still going to work every day. Glad you are still able to see your grand doll every day. Stay healthy and safe.

    1. I feel for you if the stores where you work are crazy like ours.

  2. I loved seeing your family and animals. I love that brown sugar crumble coffee!


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