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Good Morning! I am late writing this post because I always write on Wednesday, but I just did not find the time to yesterday so I am catching up this morning before my daughter and I are heading to the state fair for a bit today.

I spent most of the day Monday with my youngest and her sweet queen. Although the grand is to the stage that she does not want to sit in carts while you shop. It is very annoying, but we finally compromised some and we did get to do a little shopping. My attitude can quickly change about being in a store when all I am doing to struggling to get her to listen and then being distracted by her crying. I know she is to that age that she needs to state some of her independence, but I also feel that some of the time, she is just trying our patience.

Anyway, I found some great items at a local thrift store and the Goodwill and just had to share with you all reading this. First, I set out to find some fall décor for the house as I plan to put that in place within the next week or two. At a local shop, I was lucky enough to find these two cute planters that I believe aren't quite fall but with fall flowers will work perfectly.
 I decided that I would show you just what one looked like up close. I may only use one for flowers and use the other one to store phone cords and chargers in on my desk in the office since I think that they are so cute.

Next I found a really cute candle that fits good in my kitchen with the other primitive items I have there, it is strawberry cheesecake scented and I instantly fell in love. I purchased it at Goodwill for 99 cents.

I was super excited to find this adorable little snowman that is holding a pumpkin and wearing a pilgrim hat. I collect snowmen and could not resist him. He was 99 cents but was half price, so how could I pass him by?

I also shopped at Dollar Tree and found some cute fall décor. This sign is probably one of my favorite fall items. I just thought that it was such an adorable sign, but has an old look to it as well. I believe that it will fit good with the other décor that I have. 
Another Dollar Tree find was this adorable scarecrow! He is felt and simple, but still super cute. I gave him to the grand doll to put up in her room. I will still get to see him, but he has a forever home with her. 
Speaking of the grand doll, I always tell her that I love her to the moon and back and we have a couple of signs that I bought for her room here that say the same thing. I also bought a Christmas ornament that said the same, so when I found this picture frame, I could not resist buying it to hang in her room as well. 
While at Goodwill and Dollar Tree, I also found a couple of things I could buy for her and she can enjoy now and later. She loves farm animals and so this Elmo book was perfect because it is about farm animals. She can name most animals by looking at them, so I know she will love "reading" this to me. 
The Leap Frog box is actually a metal tin and is "My First Spelling Bee" . I know she is to young to be spelling, but when she gets a little older, it will come in handy. Each card has a photo one side and the spelling on the other side, while each word follows a spelling pattern. I believe I paid a dollar for it and so it was a good buy. Finally, the package of smiley face stickers is going to be used on her new behavior chart of chore chart. She loves to help with getting clothes out of dryer or other chores around the house and so I figure it is time to show her a small treat when she does what she is supposed too. It won't be cash and it won't be a huge treat, but something small and something that we can do together. 

I hope that you found some of the items to be as interesting as I did. Nothing new really on the farm so shopping was the topic today. 

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