Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cleaning Day

As I struggle weekly to keep up with all the chores that I need to accomplish, I have tried many things - a schedule, daily chore list, cleaning one room a day, etc. All of the ways online to keep your home in order and still manage to get other chores done, but I always seem to fail. Not that my home is not clean as I am cleaning part of it every day, but it just seems as though the clutter never leaves.

Clutter at our home is usually papers and just things that get carried in from another room and never put up. I decided today that I was going to tackle an area that needed to be cleaned and decluttered. I have a wooden cabinet that I was using for a work space when I first began my Pink Zebra business and it had suddenly became a catch all. I decided that I was tired of seeing the clutter on top of it and not being able to see what was inside of it, plus I needed a space to place the board games that seem to never get played in the summer.  I felt that the job was going to be a tough one, but it actually worked out good and did not take forever. I cleaned all of my business stuff out of the cabinet because I have an office to work from. Then I took the games that was on top of the cabinet and stacked them neatly in the bottom of the cabinet. Amazing how different it looks and how much nicer my living room looks without the clutter on top of that cabinet.

Once I decided where else the games can go, I can eliminate the cabinet as it belongs to someone else and she was kind enough to allow me to use it when I was complaining that I did not have enough storage room. Our home has three small closets, one per bedroom. UGH!!! We added a nice cabinet in the bathroom when we remodeled the floor so that we had somewhere to put towels. It was such a nice addition.

I also cleaned my desk here in the dining room where the computer sits. I had a pile of papers to be filed, filled out, etc, and today was the day to do that as well. I even cleaned the drawers out and it is such a nicer space to work from. Isn't it amazing how much better we can fill about a space once it is organized?

Dinner is on and we will eat by about 6:15 and I will have part of the evening to work here as well. My husband came in and laid down and said he is not feeling well. I hate that but I understand as he has been really busy and not taking his medicine as he should. Plus, he did not sleep well last night so that does not help.

This is how I am going to decorate the top of the cabinet or the top of my curio cabinet with the Guitar Naked and a bottle of fall smelling Soak from Pink Zebra.  All you do to add some fragrance to your home is use the Soak to put some liquid fragrance on the guitar and you have a nice d├ęcor piece that will fragrance your home. I love my business!!!!!

Enjoy your hump day and make the rest of the week meaningful!   

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