Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Corn, Corn and Oh more Corn

Mid week is here and I swear I have done enough work for the entire week. I have been actively working my Pink Zebra business this week and I have been doing much work around the house as well. The farm tends to be a little hectic mid to late summer and it seems that I have hit that time. Never enough hours in the day to finish the work that needs to take place. UGH!

Mainly this week has been corn.  I have pictures of the corn for you but it seems that they are not loading at this time. I guess I will just write without photos. My husband and I love to freeze sweet corn for winter and this year we decided that I would do most of it this week. That means many hours in the kitchen with ears of corn needing shucked, blanched and cut off cob, placed into freezer bags, labeled and put in freezer. I don't mind the work really but it is hot work and the air conditioner just doesn't seem to circulate much air in our kitchen.

Luckily, my daughter did help some this year. Since Monday, we have frozen over 50 quart bags of corn and that came from over 12 dozen ears of corn. Most of it came from a friend of mine that sells corn each year and we truly enjoy it. The rest came from a local source that we have bought from on occasion. I know it will be even tastier this winter when snow if flying, but wow has it been work.

I have figured out that if I use my electric knife to cut it off the cob with it seems to be a little easier work and so I have sure gave that a workout this week. While doing the corn, I have thought of how we have not had zucchini bread in probably a year and with the weather to cool off this weekend, I think that is going to be on my list of things to do. I really just want to enjoy my weekend, but I am sure that I will be working most of it.

Speaking of work, I really need to get busy and sell some Sprinkles. I better run and I promise when I can get the corn photos loaded, I will certainly post them. (By the way, if you read my previous post about goals, I am meeting them daily so far! )
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