A Day Late

"A Day Late and A Dollar Short", I have heard that saying many times in my life and I remember my grandpa saying that if you run late to work or on your chores, you will always be a dollar short of what you need. I might agree with him, but I just can't seem to get myself on track this week.

I try my best to write here on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but this week it just has not happened. It seems to have been a busier life week than I expected. On Tuesday, my grand doll seen the orthopedic surgeon and she will have surgery in early October to fix the Blount's Disease that has caused her to be so bowlegged. I am nervous about it but it does seem to be a simple surgery and an easy fix. No braces or casts, which makes me extremely happy and it is outpatient surgery so she does not have to spend a night at the hospital like we originally thought.

Yesterday, I worked on life things with my father in law and mother in law. After recently changing many of their finances around, it has been much work to get things in order. Since I am in charge of their finances, I have to be the one to handle most of it. I also deal with most of her doctors and meds. It can be challenging, but I will survive.

Another unexpected chore came up yesterday and threw my day for a loop. My husband now has an office to use for his garage and it is a small trailer that was once used for a jobsite trailer and it needed a good cleaning and chairs moved into it. He mentioned it and I knew he was asking for my help so I set it up for him yesterday. Today, I will move in file folders, stapler, a bulletin board, etc. I know he will need pins, notepads, etc so I will work on that today as well.

I have considered a part time job until my Pink Zebra business increases so I am going for two interviews this week. One is this morning at the library service building where I have applied for a courier position. I also have one tomorrow at the local school district where I would be a substitute teacher. I am qualified for both but find pros and cons to both. More on that later.

Have a good day and enjoy whatever weather you are having. Fall will arrive soon!
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