Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Last night, I attended a benefit dinner for a former classmate of mine. She has been diagnosed with lymphoma and is currently having chemotherapy. Whether that will rid her of the cancer or not, no one truly knows and whether she will remain cancer free or not, no one truly knows either. I am praying that she will be free of this horrible disease once she finishes this treatment.

My thoughts are with all who suffer from this horrible and devastating disease. My thoughts are with all those who suffer from illnesses that you can't "see" either. I know many people that are sick but do not look sick. My daughter suffers from Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease and will often be sick, but has been told " you don't look sick" by former employers and friends. We don't need to see illness for someone to be sick.

My message for today is that we need to be aware that we truly don't know what others are going through so be nice to one another and offer a helping hand if possible. Share a smile and a hello with someone today.
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