Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools Day

Today is April 1 and that means that today is a day known for pranks, at least in the United States. Known as April's Fools Day, it is a day that people play pranks on their friends and family and then get to laugh and say April's Fools.

I am sure that there is a long history behind the day, but I don't care to share that today. I enjoy writing but do not want to be technical today as my computer is literally running out the door at the moment- April's Fools! My computer is not running out the door but I gotcha didn't I? Pranks can be fun and as long as the person being pranked is not mad, it can be fun for both parties involved.

I am actually taking part in a monthly challenge by another writer and for today, we are to write about this day and pranks. You can read more about this challenge here: . Literally, she has made a list of items that she challenges us to write about each day of the month. I am hoping that I can do each day. I have two blogs so I am sure that I can manage to write on one of them each day depending on the challenge.

Tomorrow's challenge is Peanut Butter and Jelly. I will probably write it on my cooking blog. I will share the link in tomorrow's post if I do. I love to cook and I enjoy making homemade foods. I don't want to eat many processed foods these days and I enjoy spending the time making delicious meals for my family. I wish I lived a homesteading life completely where my only job was to care for the home and make the meals. However, being a little more modern family than that, I work outside the home and my meals are not always able to be cooked in that method.

Here's to the pranks for the day. I hope you will share yours with us. Have a great day!
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