Thursday, April 16, 2015

Looking Out My Window

Mornings are my absolutely favorite time of the day. As I sit here looking out my window, I see all the wonders that God has given us. I see the neighbors' dog, two of our chickens, a bird eating from the suet cake that I hung this week, the green grass that is looking greener since the showers we had last night, and I see our cat.

Actually, we have two cats, but Prince is the one that I see the most. Oreo has been very skiddish lately and I think it is due to the fact that he has been in a cat fight and seems to be a little beat up. I checked him for injuries the other day and put some Furazone cream on his cuts and scrapes. Prince has to be watched closely because he likes to jump up on the birdhouse and get his lunch while they are getting theirs. I keep reminding him that he is not to get the birds from their food. He is such a good cat except for this little glitch.

This is my Prince! He was given to me by a sweet lady that had him in an apartment that he did not want to be in. He has came in the house a few times since we got him but for the most part he stays outside. In the top of our garage, there is an old couch that my brother left and he likes to sleep there when he decides that he is tired of watching over us. He has a blanket and he has seems to be comfortable. He is well loved and kind of spoiled, but he is a good pet.

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