Saturday, April 25, 2015

Indiana University Loss

Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana is suffering from another loss of a student. Yesterday, 22 year old Hannah Wilson was found dead in a remote area of Brown County. Mushroom hunters found her body yesterday morning and she was later identified. Hannah had been missing less than 24 hours. The area is less than 20 miles from Indiana University.

It is another reminder of the losses that the university has suffered during the last few years. Almost four years ago, Lauren Spierer disappeared after being out with friends during the evening. Several reports say that she was extremely intoxicated and left the apartment of a young man to walk home around 4 a.m. She never made it back to the apartment and has never been heard from again. Her parents have pleaded with the young men to speak up as to exactly what happened that night and they will not. Whether or not they are guilty of something, we truly don't know but it does seem suspicious.

A few years ago, another IU student Jill Behrman disappeared following a morning bike ride. Jill's body was later found and a man was arrested for her death. Several people were questioned and two people were charged with her death, but later one was released after a supposed witness recanted her story and the body was not found where she had said it had been. The man police say are responsible is not serving 65 years for her death.

I believe that Indiana University is a good school and that students just need to be more vigilant about where they are and who they are with. For students that are going to be drinking, please do it responsibly and do not go our alone. Always have a buddy with you! The world is full of creeps and people looking for the perfect opportunity to take advantage of someone. Do not allow yourself to be a victim!!
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