Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Day on the Farm

Today has been an interesting day on the farm. I added three new ducks to the farm, even though I truly know we do not need them. I seen them and thought that they were really cute at the local flea market. Once I asked a price on them, I knew I would have to take all three even though I only wanted one. I could not separate one from the others.

I also started planting plants for the garden today. I have them started in several containers and I also have basil started on my back porch in my flower box. I decided that I will start them now before we actually get the garden ready for plants. I am hoping to be able to sow some wild flower seeds tomorrow in a large area near our driveway. I think that it will be a nice way to add some color to the drive.

We have had two decent days of weather so I am sure that tomorrow will bring rain. I am thankful for the dry weather we have had and the chance for some of the rain to end and some of the mud to clear up. I just hope that this week is not as wet as the past few that we have had.
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