Front Porch Talk

I was just thinking about trying to begin a third blog but I believe that I should wait as I find it hard to keep up here with this one and my cooking one. However, I do truly believe that I whole new direction that I would like to go with a blog, so who knows what I will do with those ideas.

Anyway, I titled this front porch talk because I would like to think that when I write this I am talking with friends and that I am able to discuss most anything that I would like to with you all or y'all depending on where you are from. I personally like to say y'all even though I am from the north. I have family from Virginia and Tennessee and love it there so I am glad to say that I can use words like that.

The weather here today is frightful! We are predicted to get about 3-5 inches of snow and it has snowed most of the day. The roads are ridiculous slick and nasty. As long as you go slow, it is possible to get around, but for the most part it is nasty! My husband will be taking me to work tonight and picking me up as it is just too bad for me to be comfortable driving.

I do enjoy watching the snow though. I personally was tired of not having any snow for the year and I was praying for a good snow. I would like to have some of what Boston has had just to shut things down for a few days in order to be able to rest for a bit. I know that I should not wish for it, but I feel that many companies take advantage of their employees by expecting them to be there no matter what the weather is.

For today, I am going to leave with a picture of the snow a couple of years ago that we had and a sight of what we could be looking like.


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