Friday, January 9, 2015

Terror Around The World

With the latest news showing such a state of chaos in Paris following the carnage that two brothers carried out at a newspaper company and then a huge manhunt for the ones responsible seems just something that we would see on a movie or television. Not a scene that is really being played out in an area known for love.

It seems that each day as I turn my television on, I become more aware that terror is all around us. Planes disappear from the sky and hundreds are missing and presumed dead, a newspaper company is stormed and several people killed for the work that they were doing, hundreds of school girls kidnapped and threats of selling them or marrying them off to soldiers and others, school shootings, and all the other news worthy stories take on a life of their own as we hear about them. It is sad that we never hear as much good as we do bad.

Terror is rampant in the world that we live in. Whether you live in a large city like Paris or a small town in the middle of the country, terror is outside your door! You might say that it is farther away than that, but it really is not! Terror is in all parts of the world and just when we think that there is no way that it can take place in any other place and that it can't get worse, we discover that there is someone out there who wants to make a different name for himself and does a deed that we find absolutely irreplaceable and so hard to understand.

As you lay your head down tonight, please say a prayer for any one touched by terror today.

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