Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spring like Weather

Good Tuesday Morning! The calendar may say that it is winter, but we are certainly having more spring like weather. The temps are not dropping below freezing right now during the overnight period and the daytime temps are getting into the upper 40's most of this week. Those are spring temps and certainly not the weather we normally get in January.

We had a few days a couple of weeks ago that the weather was very cold as the wind chills dropped the temp to below zero, but for most of the month we have had much warmer than normal air. Snow has been flurries at the most. One day, I think we have had enough to cover the ground and that was all. I am thankful that we have not had the ice that several states have seen this winter, but I also do not like the fact that we have not had some snow.

I am a firm believer that the snow and cold are what kills off most of the germs and bugs that we see throughout the year. In winters that we don't get much snow, it seems that we have plenty of bugs in the summer months. We need the snow that we are so used to getting in the winter. We need the freeze to kill off insects and illnesses.

Time to get busy on the farm and ready for work. Take care and have a good day!

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