Monday, January 5, 2015

#CleaningProgram- New Idea

Being an avid fan of the Today Show, I am beginning a new campaign that follows the same theme as their #startingtoday. I am always feeling that I do not get enough cleaning done in my home and I want the home to always be company ready in the new year. I have decided that I will hold myself accountable by putting my goals and accomplishments ( as well as any failures I might have) online for all to share with me. I also will be asking each of my readers to follow me and let me know if I have failed for a day.

This campaign will also aid my writing goals as I will always have a topic to write about. I am going to share my cleaning ideas and tips as well as just sharing what I have accomplished each day. I am going to try to set aside one hour each day to clean something. It may be something small that only takes a few minutes and it might be something that takes the full hour. I am going to call that period of time my power hour. The other things that I might do throughout the day will be called my micro cleaning.

I began this campaign today and I am happy to say that I have completed my power hour. In that hour, I vacuumed the living room, hallway, and half of the bedroom. I also mopped the entryway and half of the hall as that is all that had linoleum. I mopped the dining room after sweeping it. I have two loads of clothes being washed and dried. My micro tip for the day involves the microwave, I have a kitchen sponge that I like to wipe saucers and other small kitchen items with and to make sure bacteria is not built up on it, I placed it in the microwave for 30 seconds to help kill any bacteria that might be lurking on it.

I will be talking quite often about cleaning and organizing and may even start a new blog about this. However, for now, it is being written about here. I hope this helps all of the moms our there who find they can never seem to find time to clean. Try your own power hour! Try 2 micro cleanings and share this with us using the #cleaningprogram and sharing your comments here. The more involved we are with this, the cleaner homes we will have.

I am writing about this on all of my article sites and my blogs today! Look for me by the username carolscash!
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