Fencing and other farm ideas

  As I am thinking of changes that I would like to make here on the farm, I keep going to this picture of a fence that lines the sidewalk at Cumberland Gap National Park in Kentucky. I am thinking that I could place a fence similar to this at the end of our driveway and make a nice corner decoration that I could add our address to so that ones coming down the road would know where our drive is as the house is not visible in the summer from the road. It seems that everyone misses our driveway and it would certainly be a pretty way to decorate it. I have a nice wicker bench that I could possibly add to it as well. A few flowers and a nice bush and I would be able to add a nice painted sign and it would be a very nice display.
   I have also thought about adding this to the area where I park. I have a nice graveled parking spot, but it is in the front of the house and I have a walkway to the car with a nice arch, but I think that this would be a nice addition. I like split rail fences and they seem a little old fashioned to me. I just that they are a sure sign of a farm that believes in old fashioned values.
  There are many changes I would like to make around here this year and I hope that I can get it all accomplished. My husband may not be on board with all of them, but if it is something that I can't do, I will have to hire it to be done if he does not want to do it. I want to clean things up a little and fix things that seem to be ran down and in need or repair. I also plan to do some painting inside this year as the kitchen and living room seems to really need it. I am tired of the yellow that we were fine with 7 years ago when we moved in, now I want a brighter color for both rooms as the house seems dark most of the time anyway.
 Enough of my chattering today, have a blessed day!


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