Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year - New You?

Day 2 of the new year is upon us and I wonder if anyone has already broken their new years resolution. For those who resolved to lose weight, I wonder if they have ate anything that they should not have. For those who vowed to quit smoking, I wonder if they have picked up a cigarette? There is no understanding as to why we do not stick to our resolutions other than we are human. We are creatures of habit and until we change those habits, we will not stick with our resolutions.

As a writer, I am resolving to write more and not allow as many distractions to come my way. I personally, feel that I can do this except if I allow my family to stop my creative genius work. I know that many times I sit to write and yet, I am unable to as someone needs something or someone decides that they must talk with me at that exact moment. I have decided that I will set up "work" times and I am just unavailable at those times, except in emergency situations.

I also will do more to insure that I get more readers to the blog. I am going to be talking about life on the farm, but I will also be offering more homesteading hints as well as other helpful articles. I know that not everyone likes to read about the life we live here, but I have to keep this personal. I will be giving more information as to what will be here in a later post. Keep reading!

For all the other writers out there, let's encourage each other to keep writing by reading and commenting on others blogs. If you have an idea for something to write about and can't do it, recommend it to someone else. We are a group of writers that rely on others to keep the traffic flowing. It never hurts to help others.

Enjoy your day and smile!

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