Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow, A New Home, and my #cleaningprogram

We woke to a nice white blanket of snow on the farm today. Mother Nature was kind enough to hold the heavier snow to the north of us and we certainly were thankful for that.  It was an answered prayer since I had to work early this morning and really was not looking forward to driving to work in the snow and slick roads.

Being that winter is in full force now, the calves truly needed a home to be able to get in out of the weather. I am thankful that my husband was able to get materials to make a makeshift house for them with the help of some lumber and an old truck camper shell that worked well for a roof. It might not be the prettiest and it might not be the perfect solution,but for the cold that is coming, it will work.

For the second day of my #cleaningprogram, I put away some of the snowmen that I had out for Christmas and was able to cover the attic door with plastic to help hold some of the heat in the house. With the wind chill supposed to be about negative 20-40 the next few days, we will need all the help we can get. I must say that the wood stove is roaring at the moment and I am quite warm. I was also able to work about an hour in my daughters' room and help her with some problem areas there. That was my power hour work for the day. My micro work was to clean the stove and kitchen counters, which I was able to do in about 10 minutes.

Well, home schooling has been accomplished and both blogs have been updated. Now I need to hit some social media sites and some article writing sites to finish my day. First I am going to play ( and win) a game of American Trivia with my daughter and nephew to finish some of the learning for the day.
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