Happy Friday, Looking Ahead

Happy Friday! I hope that you all have had a prosperous week. Mine has been busy but not truly prosperous I don't think. I am happy to report that the doctor visit went well yesterday and the doctor said that my grand dolls legs are looking good. That brings tears of joy to this grandma's eyes. Of course, we have several more months of waiting to see what the end result will be. You can read about her journey will Blount's Disease here and the post on her surgery here.

This photo makes it a little hard to see because of her unicorn tail on her costume, but if you look at the left leg, you can see how bowed out it was. It was the worst of the two and I believe that it is slowly beginning to straighten up. While at the children's hospital yesterday, I was shocked to see a much younger girl dealing with a more severe case of it. It is amazing that the walk and run even when the legs are not correct as it is all they have ever known.

Well, she will return to see the surgeon in July and hopefully by then we will be able to see some great improvement as we will then be about 8 months post surgery and the legs should be fairly straight by then.

It is hard to believe that we are going into the final weekend of January. I am thankful that it is almost over because it is such a long and dreary month. We usually have limited sunshine and I realize just how important sunshine is in our lives. I need it, I want it, I almost crave it. With warmer temps supposed to be here today, I plan to get outside and take advantage of it. I would like to spend most of the day with the grand doll today doing something. We might venture to the library or something but we must do something. I am looking forward to February and more sun and hopefully, some of the artic cold has now moved on. I am ready for spring.

Keep your spirits high and your spurs low until we meet again. 


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