Thursday, January 11, 2018

Anniversary: 23years

Good Thursday Morning! Welcome to my little corner of the world where I am watching the weather man predict snow for us of possibly 6 inches or more and add that we are under a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. Oh well, it is January so it is expected and furthermore, it is January 11, our 23 wedding anniversary and I am surprised that it is going to be in the 50's today and not snow. It seems that the past few years it has always been bad on this day.

Actually, the day we married, we went to a local nursing home and got married so that my grandmother could be there because we decided last minute that we were getting married then and it was cold and icy out. She was in a wheelchair and it was too dangerous to bring her out so we went to her. It was a nice ceremony and my mom, grandparents, and daughter was with me while his mom and dad were there too. My brother and his wife and son were there as well. It was a nice family event.

Here we are 23 years later and still happy. We may argue and disagree some, but we always figure things out. He has taught me quite a bit of patience and I have taught him quite a bit of responsibility so I guess we are good.
I must not have the photo of us taken together on vacation uploaded yet, so I will post it later but this is one of him and I must say he is still handsome after these years. He is a hard working man and has his faults, but overall is a pretty good catch. Happy 23rd anniversary to us!! 

Until we meet again, keep you feet in the stirrups and enjoy the ride!!

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