Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Timeless Tuesday

I don't know why I felt the need to write this post, but I do. I have actually started a social media and work calendar to set aside time to be sure that all my posts , tweets, sales, etc. go out on a timely basis as I have one blog that I am thrilled to be doing that I never truly worked on last year at all and yet it is the one that I feel is closest to what is in my heart. However, this post is truly a unique idea that I just feel the need to do today.

I think that in the day and age we are living in now, we truly forget some of the wonderful things that have been a part of the past and we seem to find that our reality is one that consists of daily computer time, checking Facebook to see what our friends are saying and other technology based moments. Even work these days seems to revolve around the computer age and internet.. There is nothing wrong with that but I think it is worth sharing some thoughts of yesteryear and what a better title than Timeless Tuesday as these are timeless items.
Milk Cans were a part of daily life several years ago. Today these are generally used as decorations. My grandfather was a milkman for many years and began delivering milk in a horse and wagon. Each day he would fill his wagon with his deliveries for the day and go door to door leaving milk for the customers. What an amazing way to have milk today. Milk that is in a glass bottle that has been stored in a cold aluminum can would be the perfect treat at the end of the day.
Weaving looms are rarely seen used these days either. I know a few people still use them but mostly they are on display at homesteads and other museums. Looms were used to make many items such as rugs, clothing and blankets and other household necessities.

Morse code and telegraphs as well as operators that used to be on the line live to answer questions about numbers and connect you to the number you were calling are all no longer a part of our normal society. Many women were phone operators even during early years. Telegraphs were the processor of telephones, text messages, and cell phones if we really think about it.
Do you know what this is? I do , as we had one in our home during my childhood. This is truly the predecessor to the computer. This is an early typewriter. Many women and men have used one of these in their time. I am sure that they were a staple in offices many years ago as the computer is to the world today. Punching each key and moving the paper along was an easier way to get a letter out, I suppose. However, they were extremely heavy to move and now seem as only a past reminder of just how life has changed.
I hope you have enjoyed
the Timeless Tuesday post and I may consider doing this again soon.
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