Monday, January 11, 2016

Anniversary Plans

On this cold,snowy day,my husband and I will celebrate our 21st anniversary. We are not going to dinner as it seems that our daughter is cooking dinner for us. It's nice that she has plans although no one asked us if we had plans.
The weather was awful when I decided to get married but it was a last minute decision. The weather is almost always bad on our anniversary as well. I guess it's my sign from God that our love can weather any storm.
The years have brought many ups and downs. Many arguments have never been settled and many times I have thought about leaving. Many times considered that marriage was too hard and that we were not for each other,but I have learned that he loves me unconditionally and I love him the same.
Last year we became first time grandparents and life has changed for us as we look to the future with a new plan. I pray that our next 20 are just as much fun!

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