Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New Goals

2015 was a year that brought many changes to the farm, some good and some not so good. The best part was becoming first time grandparents and how that has changed our lives. The family dynamic has changed forever as my baby is now a mommy herself. My baby also turned 19 this year so she truly is a grown young lady now. Her and the grandbaby live with us and that is fine as I do not feel that she is ready to be a wife, mom, etc. and I know for sure that her boyfriend is not ready for the responsibility that it takes to provide for a family and take care of them like he should. It has certainly changed the way that I feel about life as well.

Another thing that has changed is that we will not be a 4H family this year and half of our spring and summer will not be fixated on getting ready for the county fair. I will certainly miss those days and I will be looking for ways to help with the fair and the horse shows since we won't be as involved this year. That makes me sad, but I know that it thrills my husband as he was not as thrilled as I was to be a part of such a wonderful organization. If your children have never been involved, I highly suggest that you check into it as it is a fabulous learning experience for children.

2015 also brought heartache as we buried many that were too young. I lost two friends in a little over a week apart from cancer and struggled with how God could take such beautiful ladies at such a young age. I am thankful that my dear friend, Shirley was able to attend our class reunion just a few short weeks before her death. My friend, Angie, was such an inspiration as I watch her battle the disease with such grace and strength that only God could provide. I had not seen her in years due to a distance that life had taken us apart, but it was as if I were there with her daily struggles, as I followed her journey on Facebook.

2016 is going to bring many changes to our lives as well as years always do. However, I will face the changes with grace and a willingness to accept for God's will to be done. I look forward to my granddaughter turning one and I look forward to the many learning experiences she will have the next year.  I look forward to another year of marriage with my amazing husband and I look forward to seeing what my girls will be doing in a year. I plan to take many more photos and I hope to provide each family member with a scrapbook of our year for Christmas. It will be an exciting and fun time for all, I hope.

Our Pig says Happy New Years!
I look forward to spring when it seems that everything renews and life once again is pleasant to be outside. The grandbaby should truly enjoy the animals this spring and playing in the dirt will be an experience. We will see the birth of new chicks as we do each year and I hope to have some baby ducks as well.  We might replace the goose that we lost this year and I am sure there will be a new horse or cow headed our way as well.

I look forward to many new blog posts and I look forward to meeting new friends here as well. I hope that if you know of a farm blog that is worthy reading or one of a moms daily life at home with her children or a home school blog that is worthy reading, Please share with me in the comments so that I may help someone else get some page views this year.

May God keep each of you safe and well in the new year! God Bless!!

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