Sunday, January 10, 2016


Snow!! It finally snowed on the farm. It seemed as though winter might never bring cold and snow to us but it had all came at once.  We reached our high temp at 5 a.m. of a whooping 25 degree Fahrenheit.

If I can figure how to add photos to this post, I will.  I can't get on my home computer today as the power was out last night and now the video card is acting crazy!  I am attempting to post from my phone so I don't get behind.

I will be going out later to check for a new monitor and if it comes home, I will post from there. I am thinking about a warm, comforting meal for dinner.

Whenever you are and whatever you are doing, I pray that you make the most of the day!  Praise God that you woke up today.!

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