Sunday, January 3, 2016

Approaching New Styles

2016 is bringing about some changes in my life and I am determined that I am also bringing about some changes of my own. I am determined that I am going to make sure that my grandchild has the absolute best life that she can and we are going to learn together. I worked when my youngest was little and I am going to make sure that I can make sure the grandbaby never knows some of the harsh words that I used with my daughter from being tired and stressed with work. I have since apologized, but I see that they did harm her self esteem.

I want to avoid as many temper tantrums as possible as well. Yes, I know she can't be spoiled to the point of getting anything she wants, but I also know it is possible to raise children that do not yell and scream inside the store if they are told no or not this time. I believe that a calm and loving home is the perfect environment for the beginning of the child's time learning what they can and can't do.

I have been reading about using the methods that Montessori schools use and I am beginning to think that I will incorporate some of these methods into our home as well. I am well aware that she needs to have the space and opportunity to explore as many things as she can and I am attempting to make that happen. I am thinking of rearranging our small home again to incorporate some more shelves and organizational tools into the rooms that we spend the most time in. I would like to have it as open to exploration as it possibly can be. Yet, I need it to be orderly and easy to clean as well.

I will also be looking at some ways that I can make money from home other than my Pink Zebra business. I don't mind the few hours I am away from home, but I also know that the more income that I can bring in the more that we can do this spring and summer to explore the world around us. I firmly believe that children should be in museums as early as possible.

I am thinking of a reward program already that might work for us. Being that we are a farm family, there will be times that I will need her to understand that she must follow rules not just because they are the ways we would like her to do things but because if not she could easily be hurt. She will have boundaries that she must abide by.

Have any of you used this way of teaching your toddlers and did it seem to work? I would appreciate any advice?
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