Thursday, January 6, 2022

Ready for Surgery?

 Cold weather has finally hit the farm and boy, it is cold! We woke to wind-chill around zero and the high is never to get out of the teens today. I know it is winter and I know we should be cold, but I was quite enjoying the warmer temps that we have been having. 

I have done all of my pre-op testing and paperwork and I am ready for surgery according to the doctor, hospital, surgery center, etc. I feel far from ready. I will be packing my clothes and stuff today as I will be going to be daughter's home for a bit following surgery and then hopefully, using a knee scooter to get home much faster than before. I am excited about that!

I did not like what the podiatrist said about recovery time as he feels it will be 18 months before I am fully healed from this surgery. He is doing some major reconstruction of my foot and says recovery is going to be slower than before. I will be non weight bearing for several weeks and I hate those days. I need to find things to keep me busy and I truly don't want it to be all social media stuff all the time. I plan to read and work my Pink Zebra business the best that I can. 

I have some scrapbooking that I may work on once I am home, but I am not taking it all to my daughter's since I don't plan to be there as long this time. I hope that I will recover quicker than he is projecting, but I feel like he may be correct as the previous one was close to a year till I felt fully better. 

I will be sure to blog once I am moving a bit. The first two or three days are usually quite long and painful days and I usually sleep much of those days. I am sure this will be the same. I can read many more of your blogs while I am down as well. I can finally catch up with some of you!


  1. Prayers for a speedy recovery and that your time will be fruitful while you can't do a whole lot.
    this past year we went through much the same thing with my Hubby's fractured leg. It was a long haul but the Lord is good and we got through it. Hope you can find projects to make the time go faster.
    Take care

  2. Ihope it all goes very well. Let us kow when you can. What exactly is the problem with your foot?

  3. Love and prayers for you from Texas. Surgery is a beautiful thing and you will be so much better afterwards. Update when you can. Can you share what date you will be having this surgery?

  4. Sending all good wishes to you on your surgery and recovery. A friend of mine had his foot rebuilt right after TG. He's down for awhile but doing and healing well and said if you can get through the first couple weeks, all will be well. So, my wish for you is a recovery like Mark's -- on schedule and not too terrible. (Just frustrating because of the limitations.) I'm glad you have activities you can do while recuperating. Hang in there!

  5. Sending you recovery prayers and good wishes. I've had major foot surgery and it was before knee scooters. Please let us know how you're doing as soon as you are able. Take care!

  6. Prayers for a speedy recovery and complete healing soon! Have a blessed day and days ahead, HUGS!

  7. Just stopping by to see how you're feeling. Hope each day is better.

  8. Praying for recovery for you and peace of mind. It has been a crazy year for so many of us. Happy New Year to you and I hope it is a truly good one- xo Diana


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