Monday, January 6, 2014

Where is summer?

As I sit here with my cup of hot tea, I am wondering where summer is. I know that it is about 5 months away, but I am ready for it. As it has been below zero all day and going to be near record cold overnight tonight I am daydreaming of warm sunshine, the beach and even the humidity that we complain about so much in the summer months.

I do not hate winter as much as I have in the past and have actually enjoyed the snow that we have had this year,but these temperatures are just a little too much. I don't mind the snow as it is beautiful on the trees, but I hate driving in it. I am not enjoying this latest round of snow though and I am really tired of the cold. Our wood stove is going full force and yet, I am still cold. Usually, it is so warm in here that I am complaining about the heat, but that certainly is not the case tonight.

Being snowed in could be fun though. I am thinking tomorrow that my daughter and I will get school work done early and then we will find time to play games. I recently bought a Horseopoly game and it will be fun to play. I also found a game that we had purchased several years ago and I am looking forward to playing it. It is called Adverteasing and although I don't remember exactly what it is like I know it has to do with commercial jingles and advertising items. I wanted the game Logo Party, but I did not buy it this year at Christmas time and so I am hoping that this one will be just about as much fun.

What is the weather like where you are? Alaska is actually warmer than we are at the moment and that just does not seem fair to me. Share your winter story with me and maybe we can wish for summer together.
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