Thursday, January 9, 2014

Artic Cold

After 4 days of snow and bitter cold, we will finally get above freezing today and may finally break from this bitter cold that has griped many states in the last week. In Indiana, we are finally going to reach the freezing mark today and start a swing upward in temperatures. After the negative 14 degrees with a wind chill close to 40 below, today will feel like a heat wave.

Indiana was actually colder than Alaska and Antarctica in the past week. We are used to cold, but this bitter cold really seemed to take its' toll on everyone. We are just not used to it being so bitterly cold. My daughter loves the snow, but she did not want to be out and I would not have let her out because of the danger associated with the cold. It was even miserable to go out to feed the animals without being really bundled up. Water for them was the hardest issue because the pump outside was frozen and all the water would freeze within a few minutes of filling the containers. The rabbits were the easiest because we could constantly change containers.

Also, I think that cabin fever is settling in for some of us. However, I have enjoyed the time inside and although I did not get all of what I needed to get done, it was nice to have some time to do what I needed too that I usually don't have time for. I think that my daughter, my nephew and I will attempt to venture out to the library today. It will be a nice time for us and we can visit with our other home school friends.

Speaking of my nephew, he is here from Florida and he really picked the perfect time to visit Indiana, didn't he? Cold, snow, and blizzard like conditions = a cold Florida boy, but he says it has not been bad! He is going to stay for a month and it should be a fun time for him if the weather breaks so that we can do some fun stuff.

Closing this for now, for those who are living in these states that have been suffering through the cold, be safe and stay warm.

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