Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year

  Out with the old and in with the new is an old saying that fits the beginning of this blog post well. I have been thinking of what I want to do with this blog and whether I want to start a new one or not and I have also been thinking about changes I want to make in my life and changes here on the farm, so I hope my readers will continue to visit here so that I can share those changes with each of you.

 As I am sitting here, I am looking out the window at a beautiful blanket of snow covering the yard and trees. 
  Yes, it interferes with the plans I had for the day, but I am thankful that I am inside and warm. I am thankful that we have weather changes and I am thankful that I can look at it from that viewpoint. I dislike snow, but I know it has to happen and that it is a beautiful sight. God has given me the opportunity to see it so I must enjoy it. Life is too short to make complaints about it.

  I have decided that I am going to start another blog that will allow me to share more recipes and cooking tips as I have truly enjoyed the time I have had to cook this past year and I have began trying new recipes and I want to share them. I will share the new site once it is complete. I am excited about this new adventure and have even been thinking of some new dishes that I want to try.

  I hope to make some changes here at the farm too as I am planning some remodeling to occur and some work to be done here as soon as weather permits. I have some painting I want done, I have cabinets that need stained and some other larger projects which I will discuss later, I know that my husband hates to hear those words, but it is needed and I am impatient when I want something to be done. I have some ideas of new animal pens that are needed and sure hope we can start on them when the weather breaks.

 I have also made plans to spend more time with family that we don't see often. My nephew is visiting from Florida for a month and I am sure that will be an adventure. I am hoping we can do some fun stuff together while he is here. I would like to take him several places, but we will see what the weather and finances allow us to do. He is going to freeze as we are expecting several days next week that the temps may not be above zero. UGH! Even for us who live here all the time, that is COLD!

 Well, I better get busy and work on some of these other projects if I plan to get them done. Have a great new year and I hope to see all of you on here daily this year!

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