Saturday, January 11, 2014


19 years ago today I married my friend and the love of my life. It was a decision that I am thankful that I made and one that I am sure stunned my friends and family. I had known this man for a few years , but we had only dated a few months. We were very different, but I just knew I wanted to marry him. Luckily after 19 years, I can say that I look forward to more with him.

Have we had problems? Yes, we are different people with different views on things in life that matter a lot, but that is part of being in a relationship and it is part of learning to handle differences. We see many things in life differently, but we have learned that it is okay. I like to travel, he doesn't. I like to attend social events, he doesn't. He likes having company at our house and I only like a few people, He loves last minute Christmas shopping, I hate the crowds. He is very mechanical inclined and I am not. I attended college and he didn't. Many difference, but that is what makes each of us special and unique.

We do have many things in common too. We both love riding horses and camping. We both like to fish, We both like the same foods for the most part. We both like country music and we like to take long drives without a destination in mind. We love Euchre and board games, although he is not a trivia fan and I am. We love living in the country and we love our farm! We enjoy auctions and flea markets as well as a good sale!We love spending time together.

I see so many couples divorcing and I wonder if they even tried to make the marriage work or if they just left when things did not go their way. Each person in a relationship has to make sacrifices at some time. I never wanted to work but our horses and all the animals I love on the farm require that I work. I am fine with that even though I would rather be home. He has leaned that he must let me travel if I want to go as I am not happy with settling in one place and never seeing other places. I have my friends and he has his and spending time with mine is more important to me than him spending time with his is to him.

We argue and disagree, but most days we just accept that we are different individuals and that we love each other and that is what truly matters. As long as we are not doing anything to intentionally harm each other or the family and we are happy it makes for a happy and healthy relationship.

Happy Anniversary to my husband!

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