Friday, January 3, 2014

Life Goes On

BRR! It  is cold outside. Many parts of the United States are currently feeling the wrath of Mother Nature as there is cold and snow many places and a lot of it. Our temperatures this morning are below zero and it is just a taste of what we are going to have.

Forecasters are predicting that a few days next week our temperatures will be 15 below zero with wind chills of 45 below zero and as I see it, there is no way to stay warm on days like that. I care for elderly people and I just hate seeing temperatures like this as I know that it is hard on them. I also worry that one might attempt to get outside for something and fall, which would be deadly with temperatures like that.

The funny part of this weather is that my nephew is coming to visit for about a month from Florida. I warned him to bring warm clothes and be prepared for very cold weather, but I truly don't believe that he knows what he is in for. He won't be used to the heat we use (wood) and he sure won't be used to these types of temperatures . We are not used to it and we live here. He might just decide that he wants to go home early.

Another thing that concerns me is the way the weather will affect the animals here on the farm. The horses, chickens, ducks, goose, peacocks, rabbits, and donkey are all outside with shelters, but with this type of cold and wind chills it is going to be hard on all of them. I know my daughter has a couple of rabbits that I would sure hate for her to lose. Thankfully, the horses have a barn to be in and the hay and grain helps to produce body heat. Our dog, Bandit, is an outside dog but I sure hope that I can find plenty of stuff to put in his house to be sure that he stays warm. He is too big to bring in, but I might put him in our garage for the few nights that it is to be that cold.

My husband is always talking about he would like to live in Alaska, so I figure this is a good test of whether he truly would like it or not. I know I would love the scenery and I would enjoy the wildlife there but I know I would not like the snow and the cold. As we watch a reality show on television each week titled "Buying Alaska", I see that the majority of homes in Alaska are small cabin style homes with wood heat and many have outhouses and the families live off the grid. I am all for the being off the grid, but I certainly would not want to go out in these conditions and use the outhouse. I guess that is the city girl coming out in me, but it is almost a certain deal breaker for me.

Well, I guess we can't change the weather and we can be thankful that we don't have the amounts of snow that the residents of the northeastern United States have and we don't have blizzard conditions here. We can be thankful that we have heat, food, and electricity. We can be thankful we are not homeless. With those thoughts, I guess whatever the weather is life goes on.

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