Monday, December 9, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday - On The Farm

Welcome to Happy Homemaker Monday! If you are not aware of what this is, feel free to stop by and visit Sandra at Diary of A Stay at Home Mom to learn more. I am honored to take part in this and visit with other bloggers who write this as well on Monday. 

Right Now I Am.....

I am sitting here writing this post, drinking a cup of Cranberry Vanilla hot tea, and fighting a cold. I have decorated the tree today and I am pretty tired from the cold. A farmhouse wife never seems to have the time to take care of herself, but I have had quite a few colds in the past year and I have learned that I must rest. 

The Weather- Outside My Window...

Dark and rainy. It has rained all day here, but the temperatures are in the 50's. We have an artic front that is moving in and we are expecting temperatures in the lower thirty's by Wednesday. I will gladly keep these 50's, but I want the rain to stop. I am just thankful that it is not snow!

On The Reading Pile...

I just started the Christmas book that I believe I spoke of here last week. I am reading Christmas in Harmony by Philip Gulley. It is a small book and it won't take long to read, so I am sure that I may finish this week. I just have been busy with other things.

On The Menu This Week...

Monday - soup and left overs
Tuesday - Deer Loin Roast, Garlic Herb Potatoes, Peas, French Bread
Wednesday - Pork Chops with Apples, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans
Thursday - Bean Soup and Cornbread with Ham
Friday - I am not sure as I won't be home
Saturday - Dinner with friends

On My To-Do List...

Finish decorating the house for Christmas
Wrap gifts
Get gift exchange in mail
finish cards so I can mail
put away my business stuff and organize for new year

In The Craft Basket...

I am still working on my grand doll's quilt. I have not worked on it this past week, but I will. I know I won't finish it before Christmas, which is fine, but I will get it done.

On TV Now...

I am currently watching Miracles From Heaven. I love this movie and I think everyone should watch it. It is such an inspiring movie! It being based on a true story makes it even more inspiring.

From The Camera...
I have not uploaded any pictures yet this week, so I guess I am not sharing anything today. Sorry. 

Prayer Requests...

My cold to leave
My friend, Libby
Good health and holidays for my blog friends
peace in the world
healing of my grand doll's legs so that the last plate can be removed


  1. Right now I am...having a second cup of flavored coffee and finishing wrapping gifts that need to get in the mail.
    The weather right out side my window is gray, dampish and looking like more rain on the way.
    The reading pile is a bit skinny right now. I am reading through Luke chapter a day till Christmas. Also Disruptive Compassion all about Convoy of Hope. Very challenging.
    The menu this week is rather hit and miss...Tonight ( ham slices and baked potato. Tomorrow is pizza and salad while we help at Celebrate Recovery, Saturday is a big family get together (40) at my son's home...its mostly DIL's side of the family and a tradition that goes on for many many years. Now the kids take over since her parents and aunts have passed away. Its a great Norse celebration.
    My to do list..
    do the few cards I send out, post a lot more eBay goodies, shop for last minute stocking stuffers
    No crafts at this time
    Fell asleep in front of the tv last night so I guess I don't have a special favorite.
    Last photos are of my tree and favorites from times gone by posted on my blog.
    Prayer requests
    Health for so many struggling right now.
    transitions to go smoothly and willingly
    specific children with mental issues
    Thank you and God Bless

  2. Hope that you are feeling much better...back to better than normal. You pushed through it and even planned meals for the week. That’s something that I have never done, but should have. Joining you in prayer for your little grandgirlie. Off to read more about that situation on the link below. Hope that you are enjoying this holiday season.

  3. Feel better soon. Colds are no fun. Times flies by so quickly. Nat King Cole has wonderful music. Interesting post. Yes gnomes are big this year. I find them adorable. Merry Christmas.


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