Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Finishing the Year On the Farm

Dec. 31, 2019 - the last day of the year and the last of the decade! This has been a fascinating year on the farm with many changes happening around us. It has been a year of many happy and sad occasions. I don't want to focus on all of that, but I want to focus on what has happened within the last month.

Of course, there were plenty of Christmas celebrations as the older kids now have other places to be on the holidays as well. Our son and his girlfriend, came on Monday before Christmas as she was headed to spend Christmas day with her family. It was a nice visit with them although, she was tired from working all night the night before.

This is her and my father in law having a nice chat. 

Here is our son opening his gift while dad watches. (For those that want to know, my husband's shirt says " I can get you on the naughty list". He loves it!)

My husband and his dad got matching hoodie jackets with their names on them. Very special gift!

Christmas Eve arrived with plenty of pretty lights  and a tree that was ready to be the backdrop for Santa's work. 
Here is just a portion of what Christmas morning looked like. Needless to say, Santa was very giving this year. 
Of course, the grand doll was blessed beyond measure. After all, aren't kids what make the season so special?
We brought my mother in law home for the holiday. She was excited to be home and talked about all she intends to do when she gets home, but we are fairly certain she will never be able to return home permanently. 

Papaw and his girl opening his gifts! Our farmhouse was full of paper and toys along with a few grown up presents. 

One of the best things that happened in 2019 was that my oldest daughter finally left the relationship that she had been in for 12 years with a nice guy but was a relationship that was not good for her and found the man of her dreams. She officially announced her engagement on Christmas day, although we had known for about a month. This is her engagement announcement card and I am happy for her. She is treated like a princess and I am thrilled that things are so good for her! 
We also celebrate a birthday following Christmas. My beautiful daughter, Bridget, celebrated with this beautiful cake that the granddoll picked out for her. 

Now onto the celebrations tonight. We will be having pizza, hot wings, bread sticks, and a few other snack items and our neighbors will be here as well. We usually play cards and watch the ball drop while we are talking and enjoying our time together! 

Happy New Year!!!!!


  1. Hi Carol. Thanks for commenting on my blog. These pictures show pure joy! And how wonderful for your daughter! We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains; where are you? So nice to meet you, and see your Christmas. Wishing you a blessed New Year.

    1. How beautiful that you live in the Blue Ridge Mountains! I live in Indiana on a small hobby farm. Nice to meet you and wishing you a blessed New Year as well.

  2. You HAVE had good news in 2019 and I suspect 2020 will bring you even more joy. I'm glad your MIL could be with you -- has to be hard for her and worth it to keep her dream of going home alive even if it won't happen. And wonderful times with your family. I've been glancing down at your posts I've missed and promise to be a better commenter in 2020 (although I have checked things out! I just get behind!) Happy New Year to you!


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