Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday #3

It's time for another post to help us all get through the week, just remember you are half way through. I am determined to bring the best that I can to these posts to encourage those that are troubled and just to give us all something bright to read about, as the news can just be so depressing.

Today, I have to mention that I am beginning a new adventure this evening and stepping out of my comfort zone a bit to do some volunteer work. There is a new music center opening near us and I have signed up to do some volunteer work. They will feature many types of artists and some that I am fairly excited about! I know that I would never pay to attend all of the shows, but I can work and get to hear them for free. I wish it was a paying position, but I will enjoy the volunteer work as well. It's nice to think that we now have such a venue for these events as a previous concert venue burnt several years ago and has never been rebuilt. The Brown County Music Center should bring in more revenue for the county as well, due to many visitors coming from other counties or even states to hear these concerts.
This is a sample of what it will look like .  Rustic look fits the town well and yet, this brings so much more to the area. I believe that it is exactly what we need in this town to boost the economy for the locals.

Another bright spot is that temperatures in our area are to be lower this weekend and fall is right around the corner. Now, I prefer summer over fall, but I am looking forward to the cooler days, bonfires, and the smells of fall. Although, I am not a fan of pumpkin, I might make a pumpkin pie soon just to ring in the season.

That is all I will share today, except I will leave you with a fall picture to make you smile.

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