Oh the Rain!

As I have watched many videos recently of the flooding that is occurring in areas like Texas and Oklahoma, I sit in amazement of the increasing severe weather that it seems we are seeing throughout the country. I truly believe that Mother Nature is mad at all of us!

It is raining so hard here right now that I can not see the pole light that sits just past my daughter's house and I can normally see if perfectly. I hear rumbles of thunder outside as well, but it sounds as though it is further north of us. Severe storms are being predicted and at least one school has said they will have a two hour delay due to the weather. Yesterday, we had rain most of the day and cool temperatures as well as it was down right cold the day before and when I let the dog out just a bit ago, it is hot here and very humid. UGH! I believe our humidity is to be 91% today, which is almost unbearable!

I am ready for the rains to move out and for the cool to be gone. I am truly so far behind in my summer work that I don't think it will ever get done. Every day that it rains makes it a little harder. Animal homes need to be repaired, fences need worked on, yardwork needs to be done, and a lot of outside painting, but the weather just will not cooperate.

I don't have photos of it raining and storming, but I will share this one that I found on Pixabay. I love their free photo stock as they have most anything that I can need for a graphic or blog post.

Everyone stay safe out there! May your trail be blessed and your ride be smooth!


  1. Oh- the same here! We have had such a cold, cold spring. Our winter was long and mostly unbearable and now a spring like this one! What's next!!!!
    Our leaves are finally just starting to bud out and some flowers are appearing but everything is far behind this year.
    Have a wonderful Thursday. That last picture is gorgeous, isn't it? xo Diana

    1. Not sure what happened with that picture. It has rained here for the past three days and I am hoping we can have some dry weather as we are camping.

  2. We've had a lot of rain in Michigan, too. I'm very ready for it to be done. Hope all shapes up everywhere for a nicer Memorial Day weekend and that yours is good.

    1. Seems as though the tornados and rain never ends. I heard this morning that 38 out of the 50 states have had tornados. That is crazy!!


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