Farm Kitchen Remodel

Twelve years ago, my husband and I purchased our house from a friend on contract in order to begin a hobby farm so that our girls were raised away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We knew the house needed some TLC but it only needed paint and one floor replaced to move in so we did the simple and moved in with full intentions of fixing the house up. Unfortunately, life and the business that came with the hobby farm took away from the house. It was something to be done later. 

Well, a few months ago, I began to decide to redo part of the kitchen. The yellow paint was dingy and blah and I wanted something to cheer the place up and look more like the farmhouse kitchen that I wanted. I knew that I could not do the complete redesign that I was hoping for, but I could do some paint and a backsplash. Plus, I knew I wanted to make a nice display of the milk box and bottle that is from the company that my grandpa worked for. 

Here is the before picture of the kitchen wall behind my counter. BLAH!
Here is the same area after the backsplash. (Pardon the mess)
This is the other side of the counter without décor. 

Here is the same side with the décor that I picked for now. 

Of course, the minute that I began to make some changes something went wrong and the stove quit working. I had some minor issues with it but thought that it would last a little longer. After discussing with my husband that I truly wanted stainless steel appliances, we decided that we would just replace the stove and refrigerator, as both of ours were old. 

As we were shopping for the appliances, I mentioned how I have always wanted to add a hood range to the stove area as well as a cabinet above the stove. My husband mentioned that he would like to put a large storage cabinet next to the stove and remove the small one that I had on one side that did not match anything else. Well, that trip turned into one expensive trip as we purchased all of the items. 
Here is the choice of cabinet that we chose mainly due to the size of it and the storage we needed. 
Here is a photo of what the stove area looks like now, minus a lot of the stuff we have sitting around as we are now in a full remodel minus the floor and the lower cabinets. 

While we were talking of the décor that I wanted, my husband mentioned that he had an old ladder that he could cut and put above the area where our washer and dryer are in a nook of the kitchen. I said that would be nice as we plan to enclose them anyway with some folding doors. Plus, it would make some nice storage for my pottery. 
What a nice addition to the kitchen!

Here it is with my sunflower pottery on it and some of my other décor. An absolute wonderful idea!!!!

The new paint is not the exact color I was hoping for as I wanted a light grey, but it turned out to look bluish grey, but works well with the backsplash paper that I used. So far, I am thrilled with all of the work we have done. Including the hanging pan rack and the new kitchen island/bar that he purchased so that it was stainless as well. 

While painting, we found that one of our top cabinets was broke and so we have now purchased new top cabinets and I will show you photos of that once we finish them. I have also started a coffee bar area, which I should have close to finished by the weekend and I will make a new post about it. 

Many happenings here currently and I feel like my world is topsy turvy due to all of the mess, but I know it is for the best. 

Until we meet again, may your ride be smooth and your trail be blessed.


  1. I am loving your kitchen redo!! That ladder!! Oh, I do love that, too!!
    The backsplash is awesome! You are on a roll!

    1. Thanks! It has been a long time coming but I do love it so far!

  2. Tiny projects are never tiny...what a fantastic job you two are doing and how wonderful your kitchen will be when completed. Way to go!!

  3. Great job! I love the ladder, what a wonderful idea! Enjoy your day in your new kitchen, HUGS!

    1. The ladder is a great asset especially considering that there is little storage space in the room at all.

  4. I love your remodel! Great job. Have a great day!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The remodel is going to be well worth the work when it is all finished. Have fun!

  5. That ladder is so clever. It looks wonderful, Carol. You must be thrilled!

    And thanks for coming by today! I need to sign up to follow so I don't keep missing your new posts!

  6. Yes, the ladder is a fabulous idea! I would love to have you follow this site.

  7. Carol,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for telling me about your Kitchen remodel.I love what you have done so far especially your backsplash!! I had to chuckle when I read the post because you are experiencing what I call "The might as well's" or "Snowball Effect" that happens when it comes to remodeling...When you start a project , you plan what you will do but once it gets going, you might as well do this and might as well do that!! LOL!! Like a snowball rolling down the hill, the project keeps getting bigger and bigger. It has happened to us all the time!! Love the ladder too. In the first post I did in my Kitchen series, I shared what I did with milk bottles from a local diary that is still up and running...Do you have a vintage milk can??? If so, you could put a top on it and make it into a little table.Good luck with the rest of your remodel. It will be worth it in the end!! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

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