It's Her Birthday!

Four years ago, my life changed drastically when my grand doll arrived. She was a complete surprise and my daughter had just found out the day before that she was pregnant. Yes, I know it seems odd for a woman not to know, but she did not. She had not gained much weight and as a chunky gal who always gained weight in the winter, what she had gained was not abnormal.

She had recently changed birth control and so they had given her a pregnancy test just a month before that was negative. She had been sick one morning, but they had a new cleaner at work and we thought that it was a reaction to that. She had been just as active as in the past. Nothing was a sign of pregnancy.

She began to complain of pains near her kidneys and so I made an appointment for her and went with her. Three pregnancy tests later and we still did not know because only one showed positive and with a physical exam, the doctor did not feel a child. After an hour or so, we decided an ultrasound was a good idea. Were we shocked when the technician announced that yes, pregnant and due in three weeks! ( Panic for me set in- nothing prepared).

Due to her dad being very upset as he felt she knew and lied to us, my daughter decided to spend the night with her sister. Around 7 a.m. the next morning, I was shocked by a phone call that stated that she was at the hospital and in labor. I told my husband and he refused to go, so off I went alone to help her with the labor as much as I could. Upon arriving at the hospital, I learned that her water had broke around 5 a.m. She was nervous scared and not sure what she should do as far as the baby was concerned. Her boyfriend was ok but not someone that I expected to raise a family. She worked as a housekeeper at the local state park lodge. She had considered adoption, but was not sure. I would support any decision, but she had to know that I would help if I could with the child, but if she kept him/her that she was going to be the parent and responsible for the child.

At 11:49 with her sister and I by her side, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! I was still in disbelief that this had all happened, but here we were with a child. She decided to keep her and as I held her in the hospital, my eyes opened to the fact that I could never imagine life without her now. She was perfect! I counted fingers and toes as she had so many factors against her. My daughter had been barrel racing the weekend before and she had taken birth control the entire pregnancy as well as no prenatal care. UGH! Thankfully, she was alive and healthy!! I was in love! My heart had a love that I had never felt before.

Here we are a few years later and we have had a wonderful day. We had lunch at Dairy Queen where she was treated with a free cone for her birthday and then we went shopping and she is quietly now playing with the new toys that she picked out. My love for her grows daily and she is my world! I would go to the ends of the earth for her and I would stand in the way of anyone attempting to hurt her.


  1. Oh Carol, this is beautiful. And yes, a big surprise but changes in body can do that to a woman's period. I hope your husband has come to love this little one as much as you do. She is simply beautiful, a little angel!

    1. Oh my gosh, he adores her! We have to say that she is very much our pride and joy!!

  2. What a precious angel. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life.
    Our Grands really complete us don't they?

  3. Oh my - talk about a surprise in the biggest way possible! But look how well it all turned out.

    1. Yes, she was a wonderful surprise and I love her to the moon!

  4. Carol, Babies are absolutely life changing. I loved reading this. That love you said you felt. When I had my daughters, I knew I loved my parents and my husband , but the love I felt for them was more powerful.Then I thought I would never feel that again...then we started having grands and it was that same overwhelming love. I think it's some to do with the Mommy Gene. LOL. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie


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