Scrapbooking Thoughts

 Making a scrapbook seems like an easy task until you start to do it and then it can be much more overwhelming than you expected it to be. Do not do a lot of research on the subject or you will find that the internet can be full of very detailed pages and supplies, when you don't need all of that to get started. Remember that this is your creation and you are telling a story, so making it yours is important. The pages do not need to look exactly perfect or exactly like someone else's page.   Let's take a look at what I feel are the steps that you need to take to prep for getting the scrapbook together. 

2. Decide the theme of the book. Now, I am not saying that it must be all of the same types of photos, but it is important to know if you are doing one that is based on vacations, school, or just life in general. The types of paper and photos that you will use in it needs to go along with what you intend it to be. There is no point in purchasing paper or die cuts of school related items if it is not going to include school related photos. 

3. Begin to collect the photos that you intend to use in the book. Many of us have photos on our phones that need to be printed to be put into the book. Print them and place into an envelope, folder or tote that you intend to hold supplies in. I like to use a tote, but I like to have the photos in an envelope. Beginning in this way, does not give you an excuse to have to stop and get pictures, because for many of us that would simply be the end of the scrapbook. How many projects do you start to find that are never finished? For me, it is several. 

4. Once you have the book and the photos, you are ready to begin. The next step is to purchase some supplies. I would say paper, photo corners or tape in order to place the photos in place, and maybe a few die cuts and possibly a scrapbook pen are reasonable supplies for a beginner. Stickers can be an asset to a page as well. Again, many companies are out there that range in prices that can be reasonable or can be rather expensive. Again, if you are a beginner, you don't need the best. Go to local hobby store such as Hobby Lobby and see what is available. Amazon offers some nice selections as well.

5. Once you have supplies, you are ready to layout your first page. If you are unsure of what to do, You Tube offers some great videos on getting started. I personally found this video to be quite helpful. The pages do not have to be done in any certain way as you are the creator of the pages. You are the creator of the book. Make it as personalized as you would like. It is you telling a story through that page. 

These are basics of scrapbooking are what is necessary to get started. A book, a story in your words or thoughts and some photos and decorations for the page. Now, I am going to share some Google images with you just to showcase some of the many ways people scrapbook. 

These two photos are of pages that look quite difficult to a beginner, but are mainly just die cuts that have been bought to be used for this page. Many scrapbook companies offer decor die cuts like this to add to the page. 

This page has more details to it and has much more going on with the page. However, with a little skill and confidence, it won't be long until you are doing the same kind of pages. I think any scrapbooker would say the same thing and would certainly tell any beginner that it is as much fun as you make it and that any page you make is going to possibly have mistakes on it, but no one will know unless it is a misspelled word, because it is your idea, your story, your page!


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