Monday, April 25, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday - April 25, 2022


Good Morning and how is everyone in blog land today. Things are good here at the farm, except for the weather. I will share more about that later in the post. After you read this, hop over to visit Sandra, who graciously allows us to share these posts. The Happy Homemaker Series is one of my favorites to read and write. 

:::: The Weather ::::

Rainy and cooler than the weekend. We had beautiful spring weather for the weekend, but today is not so nice. We have had periods of hard rain followed by lighter showers. The temperatures are to be in the 50's and 60's today. It seems as though the rain will end at some point later today, but I will believe that when it happens. It seems that we have had many showers and lots of wind lately. It is to be cooler this week as well with lows back in the upper 30's for several nights. I truly need spring to get here and stay. 


:::: How I am feeling this morning ::::

I woke with a headache and it is all because of the weather. I believe with my medicine, I may have stopped it from becoming a migraine. The rain is horrible for my migraines, but it has helped with the nasal congestion and stuff I felt with allergies from the warmer weather and pollen. I truly wish I lived someplace besides here, but I love my house in the woods. Compromising life here for life in the city would not be good for my mental health.


:::: On the breakfast plate ::::

I have not taken time to eat breakfast yet. I have had two cups of coffee though. I am thankful for the time I was able to have coffee on the patio yesterday. I even watched the church service online yesterday so I could enjoy my time outside and did sneeze so much in church. I will be there next week.  

:::: On my reading pile :::: 

I have not been reading much so I still have the book that I was reading several weeks ago sitting by the couch. I just can't motivate myself to read at the moment. My time needs to be spent doing multiple other things at the moment. I feel that I read so much when I had surgery that reading just is not something I currently want to do. 


:::: On my TV ::::

I am currently enjoying watching The Masked Singer and Swat each week. There are a few other shows that I often watch, but mostly these two are my favorites. I enjoy New Amsterdam, but I believe that I seen something about it was not going to be renewed, which makes me sad because it is a good show. Good quality shows are almost impossible to find these days. It truly makes me sad!


:::: On the menu this week ::::

Here is an area that I struggle with as a homemaker. I like to plan meals but my husband doesn't like for them to be planned. He wants to eat what he is hungry for at the time he is ready to eat. Luckily, tonight we are having a garlic herb marinated pork roast as I will not be here for a bit this evening so it can go in the crockpot. Plus, with the cooler weather, why not?


:::: From the camera ::::

 I have not taken any photos this week, so I am going to share some random recent photos. 

New bunnies that we were able to get. They are super sweet. One is named Coffee and one is Cocoa, I believe. My grand doll named them and so they are fun names. I think that they are good names though, what do you think?
Here is the latest photo of Mercedes. She is a Great Dane and we like her quite a bit. I wish we had a smaller dog for inside, but she is the breed that the husband has always wanted. Of course, she is more my dog because he doesn't do anything with her. I truly did not want her at all, but she is a part of the family now. She is great with the grands and that is very important. 
This is the ramp that my husband's friend built while I was at my daughters' house following surgery. I am thankful for it as I have used it quite often and still do. My foot is healing well, although I have had some issues. I am still struggling with going down stairs, so it does help to have it. We will stain it and finish the bottom of it this spring or summer. 

:::: Looking around the house ::::

It is not too bad as I cleaned it on Saturday evening. I will do laundry today and run the vacuum and that will probably be all I get done today. I have to work on my Pink Zebra business. I am always looking to share some samples with someone so if you like home fragrances and have not used Pink Zebra, please let me know and I will send you a sample. 

::::  To do List ::::

1. Make the roast and figure out veggies.
2.Laundry and vacuum
3. Work my Pink Zebra business
4. Trip to the bank later
5. Possibly pick up my grand daughter



  1. I am like you, after some illnesses and hospital procedures I am just not in to reading a book. Thank goodness reading devotional, Bible readings and such isn’t so much at a time, yet ver6 beneficial! Blessing#, Schotzy

    1. Yes, I keep up with my Bible reading and devotional.

  2. Life keeps going on and I try to do a little something every day..Guess as I age I do get lazier. Thank goodness for church on line. It was a life saver when my hubby was out of commission for so long with his multiple fractured leg. We are so happy to be back to in person church now.
    Breakfast was 2 eggs with mushrooms and coffee. Dinner tonight will be a grilled London Broil..Yum, there will be enough for leftovers too.
    I am rereading a book called Joshua by Joseph F. Girzone ... A parable for today. Very interesting and thought provoking. It is based on accurate scripture set in modern times.

    1. I had never utilized church online until recently as my daughter introduced me to a church that is two hours from my home and I enjoy the preaching.

  3. I'm glad you're healing well, but the ramp will be nice to have anyway! It sounds like you and I are neighbors - your weather sounds just like mine! Those bunnies are adorable and what cute names! Fur children do find their way into our hearts - Mercedes is quite pretty. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week.

  4. Cute animals! I struggle with menu planning as well but I find it helps me to have a plan in place and then, if it changes well that's okay. I love the Masked Singer as well. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! Menu planning is helpful and I always prepare myself for it to change.

  5. Love the bunny names!
    Noooooo they can't stop New Amsterdam! it's one of the best shows out there.
    Have a great week


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