Monday, April 18, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday - On the Farm - April 18, 2022

Hello Homemakers and Readers!

How is everyone today? Good, I hope. Life here on the farm is busy as usual and quite cold for this time of the year. I will get into more of that later. First of all, Welcome to my Happy Homemaker post. If you are not aware of what exactly this is, I suggest you head over to visit Sandra at Diary of a stay at home mom. She has created this amazing little Monday fun corner and allows us to share some small tidbits of our week with all of our amazing readers. 

 :::: The Weather ::::

Weather: we are to have 4 seasons of the year where I am living and it seems that each year we skip one or more of those. This year it seems as we are skipping Spring. The day after Easter and we awake to a cold and very wet snowy morning. Yes, SNOW! The temperature was like 33 degrees F and we had snow. Not the weather we expect in mid April! I am ready for sunshine and warm! We actually have our wood stove going for heat today as it is to be cool all day with scattered showers and light winds. 

The weather is making life a little less fun for this farm lady. We have had baby bunnies and I believe that we lost them due to the cold last night. Come on, Mother Nature- get with our schedule! 

:::: How I am feeling this morning ::::

Other than cold, I am okay. I have struggled with migraines this weekend and still have remnants of one today. Seems that the weather is the biggest trigger and I must say that with the crazy rainfall we have had and the temperatures changing faster than you can sneeze, it makes for some really bad days. Does anyone else struggle with migraines that are weather related?

:::: On the breakfast plate ::::

 Breakfast was a donut that my husband brought me home a few days ago. I simply heated it in the microwave for a few seconds and ate it. Yes, I know not ideal breakfast, but I decided not to waste it so eat it. What are your favorite donuts? I love the custard filled ones with chocolate on top. 

:::: On my reading pile :::: 

I have not really been reading. I think I done so much while I was recovering from surgery that I truly just need a break. I have been doing a daily Bible study though with The Bible Recap This will be my second year using that as my reading plan for reading completely through the Bible in a year. 

:::: On my TV ::::

I do not watch a lot of television these days, but I do have three favorite shows right now. I am enjoying The Masked Singer, Street Outlaws, and SWAT.  I will be watching what I have recorded of some of those later today.

:::: On the menu this week ::::

I have not planned a menu this week but I do have dinner planned today. We are having Roasted Tomato and Herb Chicken Breast with Parmesan pasta and Brussel Sprouts.  Lunch will be soup for me and tomorrow night will probably be steak tips with cauliflower rice. 

:::: From the camera ::::

Well, I wanted to share the cute photos of my grand dolls with Easter Bunnies taken at church yesterday but it keeps saying that the server is rejecting my photos. Not sure what is up with that so I will try to post later. 

:::: Looking around the house ::::

 As I look around the house, I realize just how much I accomplished yesterday even though I had a massive migraine. The only real housework I have for today is laundry. It's good because I have a team training to do tomorrow for my Pink Zebra business and I want to finalize all of that information today. 

::::  To do List ::::

 For the week, I have several things to do. I will try to make a list for each day.

Monday:  Laundry, meeting plans, dinner, make bed

Tuesday : Team meeting, grocery store, dinner, vacuum, post office run

Wednesday: Plan game night, place PZ order, Order Delivery, dinner

Thursday: Clean at father in laws, prepare last minute game night details, dinner, clean kitchen and bathroom

Friday: Clean house and pack for show for the weekend

Saturday: Vendor show 

Sunday: Church and rest

Thanks for stopping by. Until we meet again.



  1. I love The Masked Singer, such a fun show. So frustrating when pictures won't upload to a blog post, that happens to me sometimes. Usually, I just have to resize my pictures a bit smaller and it solves it. Hope the solution is a simple one for you as well. Have a great week!

    1. I figured out what the problem was. It is frustrating.

  2. Looks like a busy week ahead.
    Temperatures are the same here too.
    Have a great week

    1. I usually always am busy. It seems that the world never slows down.


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